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Security in Seattle is booming...

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  • Security in Seattle is booming...

    It is not that police didn't show up - the protesters kept them out. Other stories blame SFD - but it has been policy ever since I've lived in the Seattle area that medics don't respond until police have secured a scene where safety is an issue.

    The local lib media is bemoaning the fact that private armed security is now all over the city - but what are businesses and private communities supposed to do when the mayor thinks this is the "Summer of Love," and the city council passes all kinds of rules limiting what the police can do? Response times are way up, and "catch and release" is still the operational procedure.

    As far as Global Iconic goes, they were in the right place at the right time - nothing wrong with that. I worked with them on my site a couple of times, and they were all professional as far as I saw. More power to them.