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ORC and Antifa take advantage of the protests

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  • ORC and Antifa take advantage of the protests

    You have several elements operating in the George Floyd protests. I will say that this post is my personal opinion, except where noted. What I've seen in Seattle (personally, or talking to police and other security) is organized retail crime (orc) groups taking advantage of protests to use as a cover to loot. These are the people who ordinarily just shoplift or do "grab and go" crimes, but they have been hampered by the store closings of the last 2-3 months, so now is their opportunity to make up their lost revenue. I saw at least two or three of our regular shoplifters on the nearby streets "protesting," then break off and try to enter our complex until stopped by security or the police.

    Politically, there is an organized network of leftist and far left activists in this country, all the more efficient with the advantage of technology - cell phones, Twitter, etc. I suspect a lot of this is not so much true grief over Mr. Floyd's death or real anger over racism, but an opportunity to march, fight cops, feel important and make Trump look bad (in their minds). A lot of these protesters are bored teens and brain washed college kids who clearly have been out of school for too long.

    Thank a cop, a national guardsman or a fellow security officer - there are a lot of people out there right now protecting life and property, with a lot of very biased media coverage and violent idiots on the streets.