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  • Unemployment fraud

    Hacker ring is apparently targeting states with lax or loose verification protocols. I know at least three victims, including yours truly. I was tempted to post this under Homeland Security - this is a national security issue / crime, because it crosses state lines. Would be nice if the NSA or CIA would do something aggressive about this...

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    Had to go do something; meant to elaborate on my previous post. One report said they were targeting large employers, so if you work for one of the big contract guard companies, keep an eye out for any unusual activity. I found out when the state sent me a letter telling me my claim was being processed - I never filed, because I haven't lost any work during the pandemic.

    If you do get a notice, let your employer know first, then your state's unemployment department, then your local police. From there you have to check your credit reports, etc. It is rampant; WA state actually shut down their office for two days to process the claims and try and deal with the fraudulent ones.


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      A** holes who do this crap should be flogged, or the gallows Greatest Comedy team ever!