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MN Licenced Companies-looking for a job soon!

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  • MN Licenced Companies-looking for a job soon!

    So...I know that there are lots of security companies here in MN, but I would say that the majority of them are "in-house" companies that are not regulated. Does anyone know some licenced companies in southern MN (like, close th the IA/MN border) that are currently hiring or are projected to hire in the future? I turn 18 soon, and I was going to Start mt own company, but, while doing research, it says that you have to have 6,000 logged hours with a licenced company. I assume the Securitas here in my town is, but I am rather loathe to work for them since the times that i have tried to contact them they haven't had customer at all.

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    There is also premier security in rochester, but that is 30 mins away.


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      Any help would be appreciated.


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        If you aren’t old enough to work for them, they are perfectly correct in ignoring you.


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          Soper is right about contract companies - they want you eligible and ready to work on the day you apply, because they always have slots they have to fill right away. Once you are actually 18 re-apply. Also know that a lot of places want you to be 21, so you can guard sites that sell or serve alcohol, etc.

          I don't know how you feel about the military or if you are going to college, but joining the national guard (if you could fit in the time required for basic training and monthly drills) might be a way to beef up the resume. Just understand that you can be activated any time - as we've sadly seen recently.