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What are you doing about Corona Virus?

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  • What are you doing about Corona Virus?

    We haven't changed much, but we're doing some extra steps. Our janitors are wiping down and cleaning handrails daily. We have hand sanitizer in our office, which I either use every time I come back from patrol or just go wash my hands (we touch a lot of door knobs). I have to admit, if I'm walking and someone coughs in front of me, I tend to veer off to a new route.

    My main concern is that we deal with a lot of the homeless, and several news outlets have brought up the obvious concern that it could spread among them rapidly. I'm not in a high risk group, but I'm not young anymore - I got the flu last year and I was down for a week.

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    Here in Massachusetts I am granted my job as essential I am working in a medical dispensary/Security/ for cancer patients
    What's spooky is highway, and byway to and from work Usually by 0600 traffic around Boston is in gridlock, I have the roads to myself
    Can do 65 MPH Gas prices in Boston $1.85 at Exxon/Mobil Greatest Comedy team ever!