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  • MN Security Radio Frequencies

    anybody know what radio band or freqs they use for security in MN? would that be classified under public safety or what?

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    Generally speaking, radio communications used for private security are classified as any other commercial business radio. They are licensed accordingly by the FCC as business band radios. Most are on the UHF spectrum, but I do believe there are still some frequencies in the VHF spectrum that the FCC allows for commercial business use. Many smaller companies and sometimes just specific guard sites use FRS / GMRS radios (illegally might I add per FCC rules) for local communications. I have also heard of some companies using the MURS frequencies, which again per FCC rules are illegal. I am sure since Baofeng radios are cheap and have more power then your typical FRS/GMRS radios, some sites and companies are using them.

    Not that you asked, but my opinion is that using apps like "Zello" are a better and more reliable form of two-way communication between guards. This is especially true for large sites with more then two or three guards and mobile patrol operations that have a centralized dispatch center. The only time that using an app like Zello is a bad idea, is if your guards are in remote areas or work in places like the mountains that tend to have bad reception and dead zones. There is a local company in my area that "rents" their radio channels from a radio service and because of that you can't find the radio frequencies they use by searching FCC records for that specific guard company. So renting channels and repeaters through a commercial service is always an option as well. I hope all of this helps.
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      Ok, was looking at some scanner info for mn and it got me thinking. Thanks for the info!


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        Old, sure, but a bump.

        There is nothing illegal about a security company using a FRS or MURS radio on FRS or MURS frequencies.

        Heck, the MURS frequencies used to be in business section. So many people were buying the "Dot" radios at Samsclub and through mail order that the FCC eventually threw in the towel. Just like they did with the old 27mhz CB channels.