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Security officers traffic stops?!

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  • Security officers traffic stops?!

    Just saw this article from 2013. Had me legit scared but also a bit curious. Anyone do this sort of thing? My main concerns are: that there is no training on how to perform traffic stops (for example a police academy), are those public streets in a private community, and what happens to the unarmed guard when they pull over someone whose actually wanted and armed with evil intent? Any thoughts welcome.

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    Stupid. Really stupid.


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      There appear to be two issues: 1) If you are using things like red/blue lights and/or sirens, you run the risk of impersonating a peace officer, even if the equipment isn't banned by vehicle regulations. If a security guard (or any other employee) goes up to someone on foot to talk to them, the person is likely to know that they are no obligation to stop and talk to them (of course, if it's private property the guard can always require them to leave the property..). If the guard is using lights and/or sirens to stop someone, then the person may not know it's that type of interaction, and they are likely to think they are dealing with law enforcement.

      The second issue is the safety issue. Traffic stops are dangerous, and most security guards aren't trained or equipped to safely perform them. Traffic stops are dangerous for the police, and while you may not be the police and not have the same intentions as they do, the person you're pulling over might not realize that and might panic.


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        When I worked for an HOA we had the discretion to do it, but it was extremely restricted - you had to articulate that the person was reckless driving, and if they pulled over you explained to them who you were, why you activated your lights, asked for their compliance and got back into your vehicle. Instead of issuing a ticket you just wrote a report w/ all the info. No pursuits, no pulling people over for running a stop sign, etc. In a decade I think I did one stop on a gal that was going pretty close to 35 mph on a 15 mph road - I couldn't believe she actually stopped.

        In this day and age I wouldn't do it at all, especially if I was an unarmed officer. Look at all the police officers that have been killed by people who didn't even have a felony warrant - too many sociopaths in all walks of society...


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          I've done them before at a Auto Manufacturing plants property in years gone by. After being a cop, I realize how stupid and dangerous that was.
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