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Security flaws in new buildings

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  • Security flaws in new buildings

    I've probably said this on here before, but I think architects need to speak to the people who are going to be maintaining their buildings - the maintenance techs, the janitors and the security guards. The architect who designed the new building at our facility appears to be blissfully unaware of the homeless drug addict crisis in Seattle. Every single security officer that has walked around inside and outside this thing has spotted major flaws, from nice little alcoves with no direct line of sight (great for shooting up in) to an alley that will surely attract taggers and bums needing a place to urinate.

    The trouble with retail and other buildings open to the public is you have to balance ease of access and aesthetics with the ability to secure the place. A couple of points I'd make to any architect: 1) Anything wide and flat (like planters and retaining walls) are going to be used as benches, steps or places to leave trash. 2) Bathrooms that are spacious and out of the way are addict magnets. 3) Dim mood lighting is pretty but doesn't contribute to the safety of anyone coming or going at night.

    Safety clearly isn't taught to these guys either - one building has really nice marble tiling in front - which gets slick as soon as it rains and becomes a slip & fall hazard. In a city that rains 9 months a year, not a well thought out concept.

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