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Black band for badges protocol

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  • Black band for badges protocol

    Thankfully have not had to deal with this recently, but curious for future reference. I know security is not required to wear the black band over the badge when a police officer is slain; it appears to be a company by company policy. Two companies I worked for passed them out when a local officer was killed; we wore them until the funeral or for 30 days, if I remember right. Is there an "official" policy on this?

    I've also seen the new mourning bands have a blue stripe - is that just for law enforcement? Thanks in advance for any info.

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    Security wearing black bands to mourn the respect of a police officer seems a little "wannabe-ish" to me, to be honest.


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      Agreed. In the one case we had guys working for us that had family members in the affected department; in the other case it was just the guards that worked in the city where it happened. I would never personally wear a blue stripe one ( for the same reason I don't have a blue stripe American flag) - I'm not a cop and I don't have any family currently in law enforcement.