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Purple and green LEDs?

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  • Purple and green LEDs?

    Is it just me or does anyone think that a purple and green led combo would be great for security vehicles? I can see an amber traffic advisor in the rear but otherwise I think that the aforementioned combo would be great at screaming "SECURITY, NOT POLICE!!" All comments and opinions welcome, just be polite please

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    I am not sure if you know this, but those specific colors are already allocated.

    Green is for EMS command.

    Purple is for funeral home vehicles.


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      We had a sticky here for the international light rules, but the link went bad. I'll add that green in my state (Washington) is also for volunteer fire fighters responding to fires.

      Officer D makes a point, which is amber (the standard security light bar color) is used by so many others that it isn't distinctive. I wish there were a distinct color for security. On the other hand, I have seen (and heard about) so many companies misusing their light bars that it may not be a good idea.

      One company I worked for did a bright amber and white combination - it seemed to get people's attention better when we needed to for fire alarms, accidents, etc. on site.
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        Here in MN they have "set" colors but also kinda look the other way if you are licensed and big(they also have no enforcement on the statutes, just "regulations"). Amber and white are the generals, but I just thought that, you know, we(as private security) need distinct colors vs amber or amber and white which are used by who-knows-how-many different people such as mailmen, DOT, construction, and countless others.


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          Why do you need anything other than amber? You’re not working traffic, rolling code,nor pulling over cars. Amber lights are high visibility and are used as a warning.


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            It may depend on the site and the mission. In WA certain security departments can use red in the back of the light bar. I've seen all red on some sites years ago, but those vehicles did not go off site and were probably in house limited commission officers.

            Boeing Security (and their contract security) can pull you over and will do so if you stray into areas where you're not supposed to be (the defense contractors buildings / lots).

            On a tangent, I've never understood mall security departments that drive around on routine patrol with their amber disco light on, except that management must feel it makes people feel better. it always just looked silly to me.