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What Would It Take To Make You Look For Another Job Right Now?

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  • What Would It Take To Make You Look For Another Job Right Now?

    As posted above, what would it take to make you look for a new job right now? I currently work part-time for an in-house/proprietary college campus security department. Over the course of the past couple of months there has been rumors, gossip, speculation and innuendo that we may be cut and they will go contract security. The only real proof is that something was filed, which is a requirement for that to happen.

    Anyway, with regards to YOUR current position, what would it take for YOU to move? Would it be:

    -Higher Pay?

    -Better Fringe Benefits? (Insurance/Tuition Reimbursement/Paid Time Off)

    -Better Career Opportunities (Promotion)?

    -Better Hours?

    -More Hours? (Or, Less Hours?)

    -Shorter Commute?

    -Different Day To Day Duties?

    -Something Else? (If so, what would it be?)

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    Big question. I think the way you tackle it is you make a ranking list - what's most important to you? What's the second most important thing? Etc. Several contract companies have higher paying positions in Seattle - but I won't work for a warm body company and have to babysit unmotivated workers, so I stay where I am.

    So, for me, I'd need more pay, a shorter commute and good hours ( I hate night shift, and day shift is OK as long as I don't have to get up at 4:00am to get to work).

    Jim, I'd really try to make a case to the college that they're better off with in house. Depending on the contract company, they may put their best team on for the first 30 days, then it will just become a revolving door of poorly trained guards who will barely know the campus and may not have the skills to effectively deal with students, faculty and other staff. Just my two cents.


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      More diversity in assignments.

      I'd apply to the incoming company, I'm sure that they could see the value of having someone on the team who knows the campus.