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Do Most Security Officers Here Have A Dispatcher To Check On Them?

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  • Do Most Security Officers Here Have A Dispatcher To Check On Them?

    As posted above, I am just wondering if you have a dispatcher when you are working? Are they good about checking on you? Do you ever work without a dispatcher?

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    Most of the time in my experience the times I have interacted with a dispatcher was more to use them as a time clock then to be called out to patrol areas.
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      Thank you for the reply. I have had a couple of incidents lately. None of them were huge. One was two meth-heads stealing from the property and another was a homeless guy that broke into an office and took an edged weapon from the office. When I encountered him he was non-compliant. Again, not the hugest deals, but if you are the only officer on and there is no dispatcher on duty, I see it as an officer safety issue.


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        I've worked both. It definitely helps if you have enough field supervisors or mobile patrol officers that you can call for back up when needed. I've had situations where I really didn't want to call PD but would have liked another S/O with me, especially with unarmed sites.

        Keep track of what's going on and document incidents. Also look at whether the crime in the neighborhood around your site is going up. That way you can ask for changes to improve officer safety with proof that it is needed.


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          My current facility has a complex dispatch system and my dispatchers conduct status checks a few times per shift. If

          you don't confirm your status via cell phone, they'll call you over the radio. They also have the option of calling your

          cell phone or sending other units to your area to search for you.
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            I work contract security, Call the command center, usually in another state. Mine is in Dallas, or Chicago although I live in Massachusetts
            I call in the beginning of my shift, and the end of my shift. Consider I work, not alone, and there are plant, and warehouse supervisors, there
            is no need for me to call hourly

            If I need the contract Field Service manager he is a phone call away

            BUT if am working alone there is an automated call I call into once per hour, Tap my payroll number, and tap the pound #

            If do not call in hourly, a dispatcher will call the guard shack number, then call the Ops Manager
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              Nope no dispatcher where I work.


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                My Mobile patrol unit does and they suck.