I realize that I might be "stepping on some toes" by posting this, but so be it. How liberal is your dress/appearance code? The reason I ask is because I work with an officer who wears a nose ring while on duty and in uniform. I am be the first to admit that I am old, old-fashioned, old-school and conservative. I also know that being an old, white, straight male is considered "evil" be many in today's world. So be it. I won't dispute any of this. However, some things are actually a safety hazard.

Here is an example of someone I used to work with that had a safety issue. The deputy has very long, dark hair and wore it down while on duty, in uniform, on patrol one night. She and the rest of the shift ended up at a "knock down/drag out" and someone grabbed her hair and she was essentially (effectively) handicapped because the assailant used her hair against hair--literally. She, obviously, learned a hard lesson that night and never wore it like that again, while on duty and in uniform.

I get how some/many/most here are probably the "observe and report" type of guard. I get it. I really do. At this point, many police departments/sheriff's offices, in this "post Fergadishu" world are RODs. (Retired On Duty.) Take your calls, type up a nice police report, BUT don't do ANY pro-active cop work.

However, despite all of the above, even if you ARE an "Observe And Report" guard, you could still have to interact, and go "toe-to-toe" with someone. And, if you do, I really think that gauges in the ear, long, dangly earrings and, yes, nose-rings are a safety hazard. They can, and perhaps WILL, be used against you. Some homeless guy or gal might see you in uniform, not realize, or care, that you are just an "O & R" guard, and decide that is is time for a battle.

Anyway, all of that aside, am I being an "old fuddy duddy" by thinking that a nose ring, while on duty and in uniform is just too unsafe? What is it like at your place of employment? I am not expecting a Marine Corp haircut, spit shined boots and gun belt. However, some things, at least to me, just seem too unsafe, even for an A&R guard. Footwear, for example. Are open toes shoes and/or pumps too "over the top" even for an O&R guard?

Anyway, let's hear it. What are some of the most egregious things you have seen AND does your organization do anything about it or do they just "turn a blind eye" because all they want is a warm body?