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    Originally posted by Consolewatcher View Post
    1) Know the address of the building you're working at.
    2) Have a general idea of what direction is north.
    3) If you are issued a pair of keys or a pass, don't carry them in a jacket. You'll forget them in the jacket when you need them.
    4) There are post orders, but the things you need to know about a site are generally found in three places: a) Post orders, b) Memos, c) Standard operating procedures that no one ever bothered to write down.
    5) Depending on the site/contract, there are people who can get you fired if they make a complaint. In theory, following policy 100% of the time is a good idea, but sometimes you need to make exceptions.
    6) The client is not interested in hearing about suggestions for improving security from guards. Don't mention things unless they ask.
    7) Most clients don't want the guards to call the police without checking with them first, unless the matter is very urgent.
    8) Bring extra food (and water, if it's an isolated site).
    9) Find the right type of site for you. When you're starting with a company, you need to go where you're needed, but you should eventually try to find a site that suits you.
    10) If you're working at a post where you get replaced by someone at the end of your shift, never assume that you'll be replaced on time (or at all) by the person unless you know them and know they're reliable.
    Some Guards have not a clue where they are. Am I at 100 Elm street, or 100 Maple street?
    I stand here in shame, I brought home keys, and I was the site supervisor, At 0200 hours drove back to work to deliver the keys
    # 5 of those who can get you fired> YES! I revert back to STFU, MYOB, Do your job We are in a society where even looking can get you in deep doo-doo. NEVER TALK POLTICS, SOCIAL VIEWS. Leave your family news at home
    # 8. See my comments about working at a construction site
    # 9. I do not like...Residential Housing,, Shopping Malls, Retail, Colleges....Put me at manufacturing, construction sites, and I am happy. It is called Aces in their Places. I work in a distribution plant/warehouse
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      1. Do not turn on, or turn off machinery or motors , Do not turn off switches, even light switches, unless per post orders Some machinery are supposed to be on, even when the plant is closed. Some machines, motors, and even lights turn, and turn off, Check post orders, ask the client
      1. Listen and become familiar with noises. Machines and motors. If a motor/machine is on every night from 0100-0500 and one day it is not,. Investigate, Maybe motor is down for repairs, then again perhaps there are problems with the motor that should be reported Even traffic noise, nearby train tracks
      1. Know odors where you work. All buildings and plants have some smell. Become familiar with odors
      1. I repeat this loudly. MYOB. One of the workers at the warehouse checked in early this morning with her hair cropped, and bright orange hair. I gave a brief hello, and went about my business.
      1. I work in a trucking warehouse. Managers inspecting trucks. Consider I was not informed what they were doing, I remained quiet. If they wanted me know what they were doing, they would have consulted with me. If it not my concern, then it has nothing to do with me
      1. Sometimes the Security Desk can become Information Central. Loose Lips sink ships
      1. Never be borrower or lender of money Greatest Comedy team ever!


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        The motor thing reminds me of an incident at a new building I worked at. I wasn't there for the specifics, but I guess two motors that pumped sprinkler system water to the upper floors of the building ran all night with no water - both burned out and cost the owner thousands of dollars. (And there is no way the guards would not have heard the motors burning out, if they had been doing their proper rounds.)

        They didn't fire the security co., but the new post order that was strictly enforced was you had to check them every hour to make sure they were not on and log it on a separate sheet - this went on for the duration of the contract, and was a complete pain in the rear.

        Smells too - at my current site I checked one of the fire panel rooms and smelled something horrible - called the shift leads, and they found the problem - one of the back up batteries was melting - the smell was the chemicals.

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          Picking up where Console Watcher left off

          5) Depending on the site/contract, there are people who can get you fired if they make a complaint. In theory, following policy 100% of the time is a good idea, but sometimes you need to make exceptions.

          Lord how true. There are individuals who you stay clear of, unless of urgency. Yes I work with that kind of person. I keep my comments to Hello, These persons never seem happy. And you can bet the farm anything past a Hello, as ConsoleWatcher alluded to and there are people who fire up a storm, and stir and make trouble.

          Never, ever talk or commentary about the site/contract you are posted at.
          The Good
          The Bad
          The Ugly

          When in doubt STFU

          6) The client is not interested in hearing about suggestions for improving security from guards. Don't mention things unless they ask.

          Unless you are the site supervisor of the guards, managers, the client DOES NOT WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU. Do your job, go home.

          Been doing contract security for closing in 50 years. First job 1972 with Pinkerton
          99% of managers if you are just the Guard , your lucky if you receive a Hello from them
          They are focused on problems at work. The last thing they want to hear is the Guard yapping.

          Businesses/shopping Malls. Residential Housing, manufacturing…Contract Security we are overhead. We do not add to Net Profits. Yes we do provide SECURITY. Somebody to keep watch over the building or plant at 0300 hours on Christmas morning

          BUT just a positive note. I have lost count how many times if the client/ manager is having a cookout on the business property, the Guard is invited for Cheeseburger, fries, and glass of Pepsi. I usually grab a paper plate, paper cup, get my Burger, and fries, and run back to the Guard shack.

          One very large business/corporation I was a Guard, the client gave all the Guards $100 Christmas bonuses

          I was transferred from one site as a Guard to another site as a Site Supervisor. The old site I was at, the manager came down to the security desk, and said “We like you, and we are going to miss you” I was surprised, because he rarely talked to me in the 13 months I was there

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            Saturday morning at 0400 hours the overnight warehouse manager approached me at the Guard’s desk. “The individual who rides his bicycle to work is not allowed on site”
            Late too many times. Too many breaks

            This what I did
            • Wrote what was told me by the warehouse manager in my DAR, daily journal
            • I stayed vigilant at the Guard’s desk the remainder of the night
            • Passed the word onto the 2nd shift Guard, There is no 1st shift Guard
            • What I did not do, speak to other warehouse workers why this person is not allowed on site. Simplistic words, I STFU, MYOB, Do my Job
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              Originally posted by copelandamuffy View Post

              I have no problem with someone who does not share my views
              As long as we are civil to one another

              Exactly....and it was some of that on both sides...which was my point.


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                Some other advice for Newbie Guards.
                Be prepared for Noises in the middle of the night
                No not machinery, or pumps that have gone bad
                Nope. In the wee hours of the morning the Goblins
                & and Ghosts take charge

                During the busy day of the workplace you don’t hear
                these “Things that go Bump in the Night” but you will
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                  I forgot about Animals on you site

                  I worled as a site supervisor at a rural constrution site
                  Coyotes got so bad, we shuttered patrols

                  Here is Massachusetts we don't have Arizona snakes, but we do have Black Racer Snakes, and they don't
                  play nicely They can be aggressive Copie almost pooped his pants when he me this fellow

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