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  • Tips for newbie Guards

    Tips for newbie Guards., and yes Veteran guards Most important Guard who are employed by contract security

    { Securitas, Allied Universal}

    Do your job

    Mind your own business

    Shut the f*ck up

    It is not your concern, and then it has nothing to do with you

    Be friendly, not friends

    Respect others privacy, if you hear something do not repeat it

    Keep all personal views, and most important political at home

    Yes follow Post Orders, and the Contract Guard’s Handbook Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    General: Carry extra batteries for your flashlight. Keep a pair of spare socks. Pack extra snacks - if someone calls off, your 8 hr. shift might become 12 hrs. Make sure your uniform is clean, in good shape and properly worn - it not only presents a better image, but the day you're wearing old sneakers and your neon red t-shirt under under your white uniform shirt, the VP of the company will show up.

    Tactical: I check stairwells top down - if I find someone I have the high ground. 60/40 stance is your friend - learn it. Write up lights out - dark spaces attract rats - 4 legged and 2 legged. Keep your area clean - bottles, 2x4s and bricks can all become weapons in the hands of suspects.

    Career: every job is training for the next job - even if you are just there as an insurance break, you can still bring value to the client and your employer. You always want your last employer to say, "Did a great job, sorry to lose him / her." And do a good job for the rest of us - we fight against stereotypes daily.


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      I forgot about bringing extra munchie. I worked a construction site about 10 years ago on a weekend, 0800-1600
      NO relieif. I was fortunate, construction site 5 miles from my home My wife brought me a BK whopper and cup of Java

      Agree never know when VIP gonna show

      And write informative DAR's Greatest Comedy team ever!


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        Equal Respect for all
        Treat Man and Woman equally.
        All races equally All religions equally
        No matter what their sexual beliiefs are Respect
        Whether Janitor, or VIP it is Yes Sir, Yes Mai'am
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