Somehow this reminds me of when the Jarwas were zapping unattended stray robots in the desert in beginning of Star Wars. I saw a boy and girl team (who themselves fit into the neighborhood if you get my drift) down in the mostly vacate but heavily squatted "Double Rock" housing projects. I guess the Scooters got a GPS. They seemed to have gotten a signal that lead up to the abandoned no-man's land and they were just kinda "NOPE". Click image for larger version  Name:	theres-a-bag-with-3-million-dollars-in-this-basement-19153863.png Views:	0 Size:	46.4 KB ID:	247365

I'm not seeing how these guys are making money. $30/hr or $30 per Scooter recovered (plus new van, plus equip, management, etc) and $3 ALL DAY scooter rentals? Ok, I assume 90+% of scooters are "recovered" for recharge by team with works the main beat downtown, and doesn't get paid $30 per scooter, but still. Edit: I guess its $3 day PLUS 25 cents a minute.

From what I saw, I'd think this operation should consider making recovery agents Armed Guards to give them a bit more courage.

Must be Venture Capital losing money trying to grab market share. These Scooters been in morning SF radio talk news, and City been yanking Lic. and re-Lic various firms, so its an "interesting" area right now, and Security (once again) seems to be a neat Back Door to see what is going on .

Also on my to-do list is try out these Scooters. For $3 day sounds like a bargain. At that price I'd grab one everyday and throw in trunk for Foot Patrol.

My main question for this gig would be "Do I get the $30 if all I find is the GPS unit or frame and the motor, batts and/or tires have been stripped?" I'm guessing the batts in particular are a hot item for all the "Urban Campers" with RV and tents and solar panels.

Like a Bounty Hunter turning in scalps.