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was Security In-The-Loop for this Firing/Shooting in Aurora?

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  • Lunch Meat
    His felony conviction was out of state. I do find it interesting that Illinois didn't confiscate his firearms, I wonder if anyone is going to sue the state over that (not that it matters because Illinois is broke).

    I used to work at a place where security was supposed to be in HR when someone was terminated but not in the actual room.

    I also worked at a at a place that would put you out on suspension then fire you by phone.

    All that said if the guy was there 15 years and they were getting ready to fire him they knew what kind of person he was. I would have an off duty cop on site

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  • was Security In-The-Loop for this Firing/Shooting in Aurora?

    What sort of Security if any was on site? Big valve company, so maybe not much because who is gonna steal a big valve used by city water plant?

    Did HR ever do a basic Open Source background check, that would've turned up his stack of arrests and convictions for violence?

    I've heard there are now limits to asking about criminal convictions in CA and SF especially, but not sure if that prohibits an employer from doing their own background check by 3rd party using Public Record data firm.

    So much for Gun Laws. Guys gets State Gun Permit with in State violent felony conviction, then applies for CCW, but that gets flagged, and flags his Owner Permit, and....nothing happens. Maybe cops figured, "Well, he ain't far from Chicago with some of toughest gun laws in USA, so he could get any gun he wants anyways, so why bother".