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What will AOC's New Green Deal mean for Security? (maybe a LOT) :)

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  • What will AOC's New Green Deal mean for Security? (maybe a LOT) :)

    Now that The Great Trump Wall is a dead deal, I feel its time to move on.

    What is one "occupation" that almost anyone (even blind people LOL) can do? SECURITY! aka "neighborhood watch". This has TRADITIONALLY been a primary "make work" job given as default as an excuse to keep people around. "He(or she) don't do too much these days, but he keeps an eye on things".

    A BIG, maybe biggest, part of this New Deal is "Fed Jobs Guarantee". Weird talk about "jobs banks" etc.

    Anyhow, another kinda neat thing about Security is the amount of Security can be pretty flexible. More Security, less insurance payout for theft, and less manhours spent making sure your stuff is all locked up. I've dealt with this in Construction frequently. Some sites are remote and in bad areas and you need to spend 1+ hour each day (top Union journey wages burning) just "rolling" out and up. Others are in nice locked offices in secure buildings with 24/7 live guards and CCTV and you just leave everything as it was, and its so much nicer.

    This "New Green Deal" sounds like lot of changes, which could benefit from additional Security especially in initial phases before things get settled.

    This would be very diff than our last Security Boom of 9/11, which was all BS and nonsense. TSA "randomly" frisking young women, etc. New Green Deal security jobs might be a little bit "make work" but they should be legit Banking, Construction, Housing, etc Security, and thats a good thing IMO.

    IMO "Security" could even be a job for Work Release CONVICTS, on many posts. Lots of Security gigs are basically backup or babysitting of CCTV monitoring at some remote location, so that would kill two birds with one stone.

    The right to employment through a Full Employment Program that will create 25 million jobs by implementing a nationally funded, but locally controlled direct employment initiative replacing unemployment offices with local employment offices offering public sector jobs which are "stored" in job banks in order to take up any slack in private sector employment.
    • Local communities will use a process of broad stakeholder input and democratic decisionmaking to fairly implement these programs.
    • Pay-to-play prohibitions will ensure that campaign contributions or lobbying favors do not impact decision-making.
    • We will end unemployment in America once and for all by guaranteeing a job at a living wage for every American willing and able to work.

    2. Worker's rights including the right to a living wage, to a safe workplace,.....

    PS-I've said it before and I'll say it again. IMO probably the best side benefit of Security is being able to check out all sorts of random OTHER employment opportunities "behind the scenes" and get coveted Face-Time with top managers and shot callers. Security could serve as Entry Point/Intake for a larger Jobs Program. You do Security until you see a "real job" you like, or they like you.

    WOOPS, that was old pre-AOC Green Deal. Here is actual new AOC Green Deal, which I haven't read. LOL.
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    Let's talk about basic economics

    What happens to wages when the supply of workers drastically outpaces the demand?

    What happens to working conditions when there is 10 people waiting to take the job of one?

    Just because there are MORE (make work) "jobs" doesn't mean it will be a good thing for the people in the jobs


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      Originally posted by v859 View Post
      Let's talk about basic economics
      OK, USA is 25 Trillion dollars in debt and no one is dreaming about even trying to pay it off, and no one can even say who its owed to.

      Its all about Social Engineering.

      My question is.......

      "does AOC's Fed Guaranteed Jobs mean people will be taken off Welfare and out of Public Housing to work in fields on farms? "

      Because that would solve almost every major domestic problem in the USA today, starting with Healthcare. Biggest health issue in Public Housing is obesity related issues, and nothing more healthy than lots of exercise and diet of raw vegetables.

      People bash Walmart for paying low wages, and that many workers still on Food Stamps etc, but many of their workers are marginal. IMO Walmart is saving the TaxPayers over $100K year for every marginal person they employee, just from the side benefits of getting out of the apt for a few hours of well supervised mild exercise, and contact with normal people. Plus Walmart has everything anyone needs for cheap.

      But on further review of AOC's Green Deal, I see LOTS of new light-duty Security positions opening up. Getting rid of cars and going to mass transit means Security on trains and stations, and crowded sidewalks. Likewise, lots of minor remodel of existing buildings means they also need to be Secured during that process, both from outsiders when the doors are open and to watch the Construction workers who are up in everyone's buildings.

      I was just at big post where they had over 70 guards per shift on construction of mostly completed hi-tech office. How many guys would show up changed every day but they took it in stride. More guys means we got more "rovers" to give breaks, and few more guys in parking lot Security, and little more Sit-Down time. Less guards means breaks little harder to come by, and Rovers roving a little harder. I could see similar with Mass Transit Security, some of which would be undercover to mask any short handed times.
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        Squid the national debt refers to government spending. Putting more people to work on federally funded programs has the potential to increase the debt and is really non sequitor for the rest of your statement

        Also do you really want people in public safety positions to be marginal people?

        if I owned a store, I wouldn't want my security guard to be a known retail thief

        If I was a young woman I wouldn't want the college security guard escorting me to my car to be on parole for kidnapping and rape.

        If I ran an office building I wouldn't want my desk guard who is the first impression to the company and monitoring safety and business critical systems to be high on now legal weed.

        Security is not a place for marginal individuals.
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          Originally posted by v859 View Post
          Security is not a place for marginal individuals.
          While I agree in theory the fact is that the clients going to get what they pay for. As long as the security industry is really more the security theater industry you may not get "marginal" people but you're not going to get the best. You're certainly not going to get people that are conscientious and really interested in doing their job correctly.

          My current employer has an 80% attrition rate. I literally tell my wife every night when I go to work I have no idea who I'm relieving I have no idea who will be relieving me. With that much of a turnover people aren't even on site long enough to get to know the site.
          They're not there long enough get to know the client employees that work there and what's normal and what's not normal for that site.

          It's been my experience that most of them don't care. So again okay they're not convicted felons but they're not your top-notch employees either.

          Around here until you get into the government contracts or the DOD contracts that require a clearance your average guard makes around 14 bucks an hour. (call centers around here start out in about 16 bucks an hour and have benefits) and as long as the client isn't willing to pay more than that you're not going to attract good people.
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            Originally posted by Squid View Post
            "does AOC's Fed Guaranteed Jobs mean people will be taken off Welfare and out of Public Housing to work in fields on farms? ".
            I'm sure she fully intends to bring back the Komsomol and The Young Octoberists


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              Originally posted by v859 View Post

              Security is not a place for marginal individuals.
              Oh yes it is. Fact is many good guards are in some way "marginal", but have figured out how to make it work.

              And like I said, with stuff like CCTV, even people with criminal backgrounds can be put in many Security positions, if a little planning is used. Prisons have pretty good record with Trustees. Better than many Guards.

              Here are a couple of Guards without criminal backgrounds that had passed all FBI, firearms, etc screening.