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this looks like fun: Bouncer in SF Mental Clinic.

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  • Lone Wolf
    Does this bring back memories. I did some doorman work back when I was young and dumb. Each night was like Mike Tyson Punchout. Everyone was Glass Joe and I was Iron Mike.

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  • Squid
    started a topic this looks like fun: Bouncer in SF Mental Clinic.

    this looks like fun: Bouncer in SF Mental Clinic.

    • Physically capable of extracting themselves from those situations if de-escalation attempts fail
    • Continued interaction with previously assaultive clients
    • Able to participate in take-down situations

    I guess its really not "bouncer" because....."Continued interaction with previously assaultive clients".

    Sounds more like "Hell in the Cell" cage match, no way out, last man standing.

    Thats kinda asking a lot for $27/hr. I was getting $25/hr for nice 12hr X 3 shift for sitting in comfy Zero-Grav chair playing with my phone and just letting nice high-tech construction workers in and out a door, with nice catering service pushing a cart offering me world class coffee and treats every hour.

    Bonus: most of the people you will be expected to come to grips with will have AIDS or some other incurable disease.

    I went to a Sutter Health "urgent care" clinic on Saturday just because it would be a big deal for me to miss a day at my M-F job, just to get my BP med 'script re-upped and the woman doctor had a security guy in scrubs with her during the "examination". Maybe that is routine now for "urgent care" walk-in? And even though I brought in my old 'script bottle she managed to send wrong info to Pharmacy. Maybe she was screwing up a lot and people were getting pissed?

    But I do know a guy who worked similar in SF hospital and that was his pathway to nice comfy over-paid non-sworn Kampus Kops (mostly) Warm Body work at $35/hr plus benefits and raising fast.

    This post looks a little less perilous. "Video Review" for $25. Although watching video for hours can give you a mild headache. Be sure to "extracting themselves from those situations" every hour for a new minutes to rest eyes and get blood pumping.
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