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How I would do Security Training

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    I tell people to practice their Public Address/Public Speaking skillz with cell phone.

    If you see what you are really like you will want to practice.


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      Practice speaking - good advice. They tell us to practice scenarios in our heads as to what we would do in situation X or situation Y, but if you interact with the public, you need to practice scripts. For example, in Verbal Judo they tell you not to say, "We can do this the easy way, or the hard way..." because you've just put yourself in a corner if the guy says, "OK - we'll do it the hard way."

      You also have to not bluff - in the city where I used to work, the police would come when called. I never say to anyone in Seattle "We're going to call the cops if you don't stop..." because the criminals all know it's an empty promise. Likewise, with all the SJWs around, you better know the rules and WHY those rules are in place.

      If you're not a good public speaker, memorize some critical phrases to fall back on, like "You may contact our Public Information rep, but I'm not authorized to speak at this time and must go back to doing my job." Never say, "No comment," as it implies you're hiding something.