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NYC just outlawed Geiger Counters. (warning: this is pet topic of mine)

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  • NYC just outlawed Geiger Counters. (warning: this is pet topic of mine)

    As I've said before, due to laws of physics, in a contest between Shielding and Detection, Shielding wins so bad it ain't funny. What is funny is that bring this up, which in turn makes a mockery of the jobs of most Physicists (how are mostly employed in various non-nuclear bomb related defense high-tech Cold War delivery systems) to any typical college physics professor and it will have him changing the subject as if his Tenure is at risk. But that is for actual bombs, and amount of "material" etc.

    What this seems to be about is normal folks who weren't real impressed when Govt et al withheld info about a Nuke Power Plant "release"(leak) for 3 days, mostly because they could. Also stuff like random spills from improperly secured materials in transit, etc. When I was a kid there was some story about college kid who took a pair of big neat looking metal blocks to use for bookends, and turned out they were radioactive, etc.

    When (again) I was a kid we had some Scientist parents in the 'hood and I remember their kids playing with a Geiger Counter. Cool stuff.

    Anyways, what is the REAL motivation for suddenly making it a CRIME to possess a fairly arcane and TOTALLY HARMLESS and very educational science gadget?

    Hmm, these ARE the same people that think requiring back ground checks at gun shops will keep criminals from getting Mafia Central NYC/'Jersey metro area.

    I mentioned random spills etc. and the one industry The Mob really has a lock on is Waste Management. But I'm not quite thinking The Mob got GCs outlawed because they don't want soccer moms busting their shoddy handling of radioactive materials.

    I guess you could think "this can ONLY mean someone is trying to hide something" but who and what?

    Or is it just another hair brained non-reason to create another "pay for license"??? Most of the types who would get a GC seem like types who would also pay up without a struggle. Maybe the mayor has a couple new retarded in-laws who need fake jobs?

    Last time I was down at local Lab Equip store I had to put my name on a list when buying chemical equip, because Feinstein passed some bill to track who was buying such equip to combat Meth Labs.

    PS-I hadn't occurred to me till this story broke, but I guess it would be cool as part of Security to use a GC to swept the grounds, or just let clients know you got one active on site "just in case". Never know what kids will bring to school or what gets dumped etc.
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    Well, I guess this would be "personal security." Before you dismiss Squid, however, I'll make three points: 1) I worked at a waste disposal plant. Yes, the mob is into it. And yes, toxic waste gets dumped down your city sewers. Every truck driver, service worker and guard knew it. You kept your mouth shut for the obvious reasons. 2) When Chernobyl melted down they totally downplayed the fallout risk to the U.S. Then, later, it was, "Well, maybe not drink milk for a few weeks because a tiny bit may have fallen on the dairy farm grass in the Pacific Northwest and the cows ate it." 3) Fukishima - the big cover up, still going on.

    Squid, I think I just found a way to boost my retirement account - Condo's Discount Geiger Counters - straight out of the back of my van, no questions asked, cash only.