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new Security Product idea. "DNA Sampler for McD's brawls".

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  • new Security Product idea. "DNA Sampler for McD's brawls".

    Suspects not yet IDed/found.

    How about "something" that could be non-harmfully deployed (on "children" too) that would collect and retain a good enough sample of their DNA, then send off to "23 and Me" and start tracking, or alert if they in DNA database and/or PUT THEM in the DNA data base?

    My understanding is DNA is so good now, you could probably do something like a pool-noodle with special covering, or even fire a bunch of soft whiffle balls, and worry about collecting the balls afterword.

    Doesn't matter if you get other's DNA. It basically same as if during the brawl you asked everyone to write their name and address and leave in box for later use. You run the DNA, get results and start checking off the 40yr old man and the 4yr old girls, etc. Then, match video to perps and press charges.

    I imagine just having something like this "out there" would make a lot of these people "think twice", then again maybe not.

    In other McD's news today, involving DNA left behind.
    Warning: Disturbing video. A man who stopped by a McDonald's for breakfast on his way to work Sunday, was met with a repulsive sight. As Chris Brooks approac...
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