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Skateboard Attack Leaves San Francisco Security Guard With Brain Damage

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  • Skateboard Attack Leaves San Francisco Security Guard With Brain Damage

    Has anybody here heard about this story? It's just terrible.

    A security guard in San Francisco was critically hurt during an attack and now the search is on for any witnesses who may have recorded it on their phones.

    A skateboarded accused of beating a San Francisco security guard is expected in court Friday morning. Jesse Vieira, 24, is in custody for assault with a deadly weapon after video shows him attacking security guard Dan Jansen on Nov. 25 in the Financial District.

    My friend Dan Jansen was attacked by 8 skateboarders on November 25, 2018.  Dan was doing his job as… Marc Rigney needs your support for Friends of Dan Jansen

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    SFPD looking for suspect?

    I have my doubts. I saw a woman laying in the street after being shot (about 9 shots fired, don't know how many hit) with cops giving first-aid. I couple weeks later I asked the cops if they caught the shooter and they said "We know who it was, we waiting for the right time".

    Woman supposed to be "stable", I didn't press SF's finest on exactly what he meant be "the right time". But I will say that him and his buddies take daily 2 hour lunches wooping it up and wise cracking.

    Be interesting to see what general reaction is to skaters in SF. Maybe skateboards will suddenly be considered "dangerous weapons" and not allowed in buses, lobbies, etc.

    "doesn't mean all skaters are like this". Hmmm, having taken a class in Statistics I can tell you that if you have a group of 8, and they all act a certain way, and none of the react any diff, you are pretty safe extending that to a "generalization" of the whole group, regardless of size.

    SOMEONE sure knows who these guys are. If no one turns them in that PROVES "all skaters ARE like that".

    PS-This is EXACTLY why I'll wear a hard-hat on just about any site, regardless, and ESPECIALLY when in public in a bad area (all Bay Area is bad). Sheesh, I'll even wear it on an inside locked office graveyard shift, just for the headlight AND in case I do surprise a burglar or squatter, or bunch of high stacked boxes falls when I brush past (happened). Also had bottles thrown at me from good 30yrds.
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      Suspect was arrested. Says so in the second link. Before posting a rant about cops, it might behoove you to get the facts...again...


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        Originally posted by Soper View Post
        Suspect was arrested. Says so in the second link. Before posting a rant about cops, it might behoove you to get the facts...again...
        Oh, thx, I'm guessing the skater turned himself in or stayed at the scene.

        Second link has video that appears to show the guard putting barricade across PUBLIC SIDEWALK. Also claims that guard started the fight which on PUBLIC PROPERTY (possibly attempting to take skateboard from skater?).

        Plot thickens. Looking more and more like a guard frustrated by skaters and grossly exceeding his orders, starting, then losing, a fight..... off post.🤦🏻 As I was told in training "dogs and guards should STAY IN THEIR YARDS" (unless on leash LOL).

        Another case of Guard Taking His Job Too Seriously (and ending up the worse for it)?

        If I was the guard, I'd do the required minimum like post a sign, then kick back and enjoy the show, and maybe HOPE a skater falls and cracks his head open. Film it for MY YouTube $$$. Figure out a way for an air-horn to blast or blinding light to happen, just as they enter a tricky stunt.

        If the skateboarders are regulars at the post after biz hours, invite over a few Pitbull owners of a certain demographic, of which their are many in 'Frisco.

        Another angle, which would be tricky but could be powerful, is enlist a chick with a camera to get the "professional skater"s name and address, then sue him for "damages" to the property, which would be over $100,000, and likely over a million, for scratching up anything at any downtown building. "Do you want this concrete patched or do you want it to look like it did before the damage?, because if you want that I'll have to replace the whole thing". I've heard The Court will at that point pretty much take the word of party claiming damages (plus weak film evidence, and pic of "no skating" sign) that the Defendant is in fact responsible for pretty much any damages claimed. Jointly AND Severally. Find out which skaters are under 18 with parents with jobs or house.
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