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I wanna get a 170" power-point projector, for no real reason.

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  • I wanna get a 170" power-point projector, for no real reason.

    I think it would be cool and "get their attention" if instead of posted notes, project "site rules" and other info with a power point projector.

    IMO, just the fact its lite up and moving pictures will draw them to it.

    Also, I'd run tape of various CCTV cameras, even if its old vid from my cell phone, just to give the impression "Big Brother is always watching", and flip it on when ever my motion detectors alert me that someone is approaching. Trick would be since its old footage from my cell phone (held up high on stick), when they try to reverse photo angle they would never find the "hidden camera". But I'd keep a collection of fake very small "Hidden Camera" on my desk, so small they "could be anywhere". IMO, most jobsite thefts are not "inside job" but "sideways job". Some friend of employee hears stuff and he tells his shady buddies. I'd flip the script and create rumors of undetectable hidden cameras all over the joint.

    Most of the time, of course, I'd use it to watch movies. That way someone seeing from distance would have the impression I was "working the system" from flicking changing 2nd hand light reflections.