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reminder not to take your job too seriously.

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  • reminder not to take your job too seriously.

    First and foremost in your mind on any mildly dangerous post is "what is MY emergency Safety Plan".

    If your Client didn't hire adequate Security that is their fault and they need to learn that lesson. By "adequate" I mean "able to perform their job safety, since you are also too cheap for any meaningful Insurance".

    Further, its a no brainer that the sort of people at a New Years Eve party at a 12.5 MILLION "pound" house in London are the exact same people to created these conditions, AND are the same people who wont even send flowers.

    And that if he'd been successful fighting off 9+ attackers, the Client would probably have complained about the noise, generally blamed him for "overreacting" to all those nice British people, or "mess"(blood, teeth, hair) left outside and tried to get him fired or not pay the bill.

    Be sure to click "Full Video" with audio where someone is recording from inside his car. Video then continues to nice contemplation of London street incidents.
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    I feel bad for his family and friends. I hope the girlfriend sues.
    I do agree with you - I'm not taking on 9 guys alone so a bunch of spoiled brats can have a party undisturbed.

    And if you're thinking, "Oh, well that's the UK..." Looks like Seattle to me - everybody standing around filming, no one coming to his aid, no cops anywhere. Really sad and disturbing.


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      I know too many guards who really believe that that's our job, to fight to the last man.

      I am completely serious, my supervisor actually asked me a couple weeks ago what I would do if five guys with machine guns came through the front gate at work.

      I mean even if you overlook the absolute absurdity of the question the only sensible answer is run like hell. This clown wanted me to try to run them over with the patrol vehicle. Again, what the hell am I in a Die Hard movie?

      I mean the most realistic scenario I can Envision where I work would be a disgruntled employee or walking the fence some night and finding somebody breaking into the back of a truck.

      if I observe somebody breaking into a truck I'm not going to confront them I'm going to call the police.

      I don't see active shooter scenario happening in the middle of the night so the odds of me being involved in something like that are pretty slim but even if I heard somebody shooting in the building I'm not going to try to clear building by myself.


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        Actually reading the article, it seems he was posted inside and came to aid of outside doormen who were getting their asses kicked. Hard to not want to at least come to the aid of fellow officer.

        Sounds like there may not have been a clear way to escape. If the Doormen bail would they be further attacked worse once out of their post and in "No Man's Land" of general street? Do they let the thugs inside with them?


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          This is where context comes in. The next article mentions that London has a lack of police - so if you let them in and stall for time until the police arrive, you may be there for hours of mayhem. I would imagine all of them were unarmed - a policy London might want to reconsider given their current crime rate.

          R.I.P. - he did his job, he came to the aid of his co-workers. I have to agree with Squid on another point - what do you want to bet that none of these Gatsby wannabes helps out the girlfriend or his family financially?


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            Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
            This is where context comes in. The next article mentions that London has a lack of police

            Note these aren't "criminal" such as "revenge ****" or Blackmail related, or even 1/2 credible threats of bodily or even property injury. Those all tend to be made "face to face".

            They are just Politically Incorrect opinions.

            I'm guessing for every actual physical arrest there are several times more in person police visit "admonishments"/warnings.