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I'm I a Russian Troll Bot???

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  • Squid
    Let me explain the whole "Russian" thing.

    The "Russians" USED TO greatly interfere with US politics, back in the Cold War. Much of this had a delayed effect, as leadership takes decades to change. Google "Chicago School". "Russians" gradually changed the Democratic Party from the party of Archie Bunker(homeowner who's Union job pays for everyone else's, including Meathead's, support) to the party of Ms Cortez (who can't even pay for her own apt, but wants to give everyone everything, for free).

    Obama didn't just waltz into the US Senate and then run for POTUS. He was picked out of the chorus line by Bill Ayers, and Trust Fund Baby Terrorist who was groomed at Columbia U communist cells during Cold War.

    In 2004 the Dems had Edwards, Kerry, Dean and Clark. All smart, healthy, well-rounded, SANE accomplished guys you could plug in as CEO of a large corp, and it would be OK for any of them to be POTUS, VP or any other high level post. How did the Dems go from that to "Hillary or Obama" then "Bernie OR Hillary"??? I wouldn't hire any of them as "Associate Professor of Transnational Gender Studies".

    Now the Russians are NOT interfering in US politics, but "we" sjfAhVkGDQIHXm5C8MQBQgrKAA&biw=960&bih=463 are GREATLY interfering in their politics, it makes perfect sense that there would be shrill unfounded claims that "Russians" are doing something.

    AFAIK, ever scrap of "Russian Meddling" has been generated from within the USA and didn't even involve anyone even 25% ethnically Russian. Its obvious "Piss-gate" was Hillary's brainchild. Ex-spy Mr Steele "So I'll make up some stuff about Russian soft money?" Hillary, "No, something about hookers being hired to piss all over a bed in a hotel room". Mr Steele thinking to himself "Go with what you know, I guess". And now with similar action on that Alabama Senator election.

    You could say the Russians have divided the USA, but that was done long time ago and is only now bearing fruit. Click image for larger version

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  • Condo Guard
    The Russians (and others) want to keep the split going in American politics so nothing (or very little) gets done. There was article on Nauticus by a historian that explained the strategy. Take immigration - for people who are pro, you post articles to their feed about all the poor asylum seekers being denied, etc. For the people opposed, you feed them stories about illegals killing / raping citizens. You personally don't care; you just want to create division.

    Keeping the people distracted also keeps us from dealing with other pressing but less emotional issues - how do we keep the safety net going with trillions of dollars of debt? How do we fund disaster relief as storms and wildfires increase each year? How do we stop the corruption that infects both parties as billionaires and corporations manipulate the system by flooding money into elections?

    Funny you should bring up "make work." The other part of the article dealt with AI, and how in 10 to 20 years a lot of the population will literally be useless - as in we don't need them in the labor market. Security in the future may not be be make work, it may be riot or population control. (You like movies, Squid - remember the bulldozer scene in Soylent Green?)

    The biggest problem with the Information Revolution is there is no way to protect "truth." Its funny when you're just trying to figure out if this celebrity or that celebrity is dead or secretly married; it is deadly when one ethnic or religious group is told the other just killed a dozen of their people, desecrated their temple, etc. I highly recommend the PBS Frontline documentary on Facebook - Zuckerberg could care less about who lives or dies, as long as Facebook turns a profit. (CEOs have also figured out long ago that being grilled by a congressional committee is just a daytime drama episode with no consequences other than a waste of the CEO's time and the American taxpayer's money.)

    I tried to watch Wag the Dog a few months ago ( the 90s movie where a very Clinton-like president creates a fake war to get re-elected). It just isn't funny now. The way they show how the fake crisis was created, the propaganda and emotional manipulation of the public - we're living it right now. The problem is if people don't have real information, they can't exercise what little power they have left in the republic. If you have millions of people out of work in the future, and you have a bright leader with a good PR team, you may get what we don't want - an autocratic government and all that comes with it.

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  • Squid
    started a topic I'm I a Russian Troll Bot???

    I'm I a Russian Troll Bot???

    """"they encouraged Americans to vote for third-party candidates like Jill Stein or give up on voting all together, with messages that read “F*CK THE ELECTIONS.”"""

    Crazy Commie Jill Stein was saying that Trump was safer than Hillary because Hillary was (is) obviously unbalanced (DOCTOR Stein's medical opinion and also that of her DOCTOR colleagues) and was trying to start a NUCLEAR WAR with Russia. As an accomplished licensed MEDICAL DOCTOR Stein is aware of the consequences of aftermath of "Nuclear Exchange". Hint: its more serious than a few Congressional Hearings. Hillary wants to murder the world in slow painful fashion because the whole world was laughing at her during Monica-Gate.

    I ALWAYS tell people to vote Fringe because those are the only votes that really count and after typical "close" election between tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum whoever wins will make big changes WHILE IN OFFICE to try to re-capture votes straying from "Two Party System". Your "wasted" vote is more powerful than 10,000 mainstream votes, thus equal to about $10,000 to $50,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

    "F the elections". Gee, that some real high level KGB tier Psych Warfare stuff there. Its so high level my mind can't fight against it and it brainwashed me. Without these Russians telling lies Americans wouldn't have any reason to think bad things about our system.

    If you really wanted to "F the elections" you wouldnt mention them, but maybe sponsor a big fun event that would happen before the elections that would distract people. Nation wide 2 day "rave" party in STADIUMS. Bonus: Tickets $50 and unlimited free Vodka. Free Admission if your ID shows you came from 100+ miles away. Thus, if you pile several of your fellow voters into a mini-van you will "make money" attending an event 100+ miles away (and almost certain miss voting).

    """Yet the researchers found that, in fact, of the 1,100 total YouTube videos they discovered, 1,063 focused on police brutality and Black Lives Matter, 571 of which had keywords related to police and police brutality.1 While the statement was likely talking about advertising targeting, the report’s authors believe that it “appears disingenuous.”""""

    Now I'm confused. Russians were for Trump but BLM seems fairly effective in energizing anti-Trump voters of all races, so why Russian Troll Bot vids 95% effective anti-Trump stuff?

    I attended reasonably "diverse" public school in 1970s and I can tell you you don't need Russians or internet for (some say overly sensitive and one sided) BLM type activism regarding police use of force and/or "profiling".

    Police are a YUGE problem in the USA today, for several reasons. IMO the BLM folks ALMOST have a valid point, but miss the mark. The root cause is Civil Service (be careful what you wish for) good old boy hiring system. There is no path for Voters to remove bad cops. If Voters could hire and fire their Police, it would be on Voters if a cop did something bad, and BLM wouldn't have anything to complain about. Another prob is NONE of Civil Service hiring is done as intended, by COMPETITIVE WRITTEN EXAMINATION (same as ancient China BTW). In reality its all done by face-to-face "hiring board" that makes subjective choices they aren't required to explain, mostly based on race/ethnic and/or nepotism.

    I'm I a Russian Troll Bot???

    Is "Russian Troll Bot" the new slur for anyone who questions The System?

    Why is this a Security subject? I hear there will be lots of hiring to monitor all these Social Media sites for FUTURE Russian Troll Bot attacks. In reality, this will be Big Data tossing a bone to various Warm Body tier otherwise marginally unemployable persons as a Make Work Program.

    Big Data will make a deal with The Party(Congress et al) to provide "Private Security" against "Russian Troll Bots" to protect Integrity of American Democracy (the Establishment) in exchange for continued Big Data monopoly and no regulations on their grip on WWW, and their general privately owned Big Brother regime.

    This will also offer life-line low wage support of entry level Party drones.

    In traditional societies, Security was often a similar "make work" or "excuse for a job" function. Sure old Uncle Fester is old and utterly useless, and never misses a meal or round of drinks, but he "keeps an eye on things" (because he sure ain't ever distracted doing anything useful).

    Unlike other sectors, how "much" Security you have can wax or wane depending on how many useless people need an excuse for a job. It can also be used as defacto Prison Work Release. Its several times cheaper to pay someone $10 to as Soper puts it "guard a pile of dirt" than keep them in jail or track down their mischief.

    Wanna really Reduce Crime? Give young men between the ages of 15 1/2 and 26yrs of age "Security" jobs from 7pm to 3am where they don't need to do anything, just be on semi-isolated post.
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