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I keep hearing about robbers tracking Armored Car schedules/routes.

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    I just got hired by Gardaworld today so I started doing some research on deaths and attempted robberies of Armed Drivers and Messengers...this should be interesting 😬


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      Originally posted by Condo Guard View Post
      It is a challenge, because you've got factors like traffic, access roads / entrances (or lack there of) and merchant demands. No matter how random you try to make it, certain patterns will still occur.
      The criminals want the element of surprise. Your objective is to try & identify the I implement a plan of action before they strike. Sometimes that small change in routine can give that edge you need.

      The big thing is situational awareness my driver pulled in to a stop one day, frowned, pulled out quickly and said, "We're going to the next stop, we'll come back." Never told me what he saw, but since he'd been doing it for five years, I trusted him.
      Situational awareness is very important & trust your instincts.

      Sometimes you don’t see anything wrong but you get that feeling that something is not right, get out of that situation as quick as possible.

      Back in 2002 I made that mistake & got hit by two bakkies (LDV) of robbers with R1 rifles.

      I later heard that there were approximately 30 armed robbers in total.

      Sometimes you to look for what is missing. e.g lack of people in a parking lot can be a warning sign.