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banker robber dressed as Security Guard! :) good tactic IMO

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  • banker robber dressed as Security Guard! :) good tactic IMO

    Reminds me of when I'd jump fence at Greek Theater in UC Berkeley with Security shirt from real company before rock concerts. I'd be there before the real guards showed up and act like they were my "relief". Plus, I'd get to hear the band's sound check. Couple times they even asks me "how dat sound?" since I was only one around up top of seats by fence.

    If alarm sounds all this guy has to do is exit bank and ask "which way did he go?!?!" and they will ask "who, what he look like?" and guard/robber just fake like he looking into distance and take off running.

    Of course, letting bank CCTV get full face pic, no beard, no nothing, maybe not so smart. Looks to have slim face/body so didn't even stuff cheeks or gut or anything. Maybe he wearing a full Mission Impossible mask. LOL.
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    Why are your posts always racial?


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      "Greek" Theater is just a style. Semi circle with raised stepped seating. I didn't name the thing. You seem to see things that aren't there. Do you hear "voices"?


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        I'm referring to the quoted lazy articulation style of the made up conversation. Seems you have biases against People of Color, Hawaiins, Pacific/South Seas Islanders, and others.


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          Lazy voice style?? The "hows dat sound"??
          Umm, try I was at both an Alice Cooper & Prince concerts back in the early 90s & both times staff used almost that exact same style of speaking, & both of them were white bread, aryan looking german nationals.

          Jesus h christ, I dont know either of ya from sam adams but it does seem sometimes Soper that you have a massive hardon for Squid. I just havent figured out if you 2 are just trolling one another in fun or actually just trolling one another.



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            Originally posted by SgtWinters View Post
            Soper that you have a massive hardon for Squid.
            I don't quite think "massive" is a word I would use to describe Soper's hard ons




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