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Level III, in TX, Plain Clothes and concealed?

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  • Level III, in TX, Plain Clothes and concealed?

    Hey everyone. I have a question and cannot get anyone on the phone at the security bureau for my state that would have a definitive answer so I thought I would ask you guys/gals. I also do not want to ask my supervisor as I do not want to bother him with this and don't want them thinking I am searching for another/additional job. First off, I am located in Texas. I am currently a Level III Commissioned armed security officer. My current role is as an SRO (School Resource Officer). I am in uniform and open carry with duty belt.

    Here is my question. Can a level III commissioned officer carry concealed and be plain clothes? I know that this usually for Level IV (EPO). BUT, I have heard rumors circulating that some of the school districts around where I live are hiring plain clothes security officers that carry concealed and keep their identity from staff and students. So, can you be a level III officer, armed, in plain clothes, concealed if it is dictated in the security contract or do you HAVE to be Level IV?

    Thank you in advance for any information you may have on this subject.
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    What does the State regulations say about Level three? Have you applied at one of those other districts?


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      Soper - No I have not applied to any other positions. I first heard about this info from a Dr. at the VA. I mentioned I was a security officer at a school and she asked if I was uniformed or plain clothes. I said uniformed and she then went on talking about other patients that were plain clothes, armed school resource officers for XYZ school districts. Since then I have inquired to other security officers and they had heard that as well. The answer is NO, a level III has to be in uniform and open carry of firearm and all other equipment / gear. What is confusing and that I cant seem to get a definitive answer to is can a level III officer be in plain clothes, carry concealed, IF that is written in the contract and obviously approved by the state. I just cant seem to get a YES or NO answer to this and it's driving me mad. I would prefer a plain clothes position in a school as I feel like target #1 for an active / mass shooter while sitting in the front of the schools main entrance in uniform.


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        Then that is your answer: Level III can’t according to the regulations. Get your level IV and get hired, but it’s not going to make a difference. The students, staff and faculty will all know who you are, uniform or not, so don’t worry. Everyone is a target.