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Our head security supervisor is pointless

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  • Our head security supervisor is pointless

    Hey all. I work in a public building that serves a very diverse population. The majority of people we serve are homeless. Lately our head of security decided that she wants to open up our building. Our opening guard retired. This guard used to arrive at the facility and get it ready for open by disarming the perimeter alarm, unlocking doors that need opening for housekeeping and giving access to custodians and contractors. Since this guard retired, our security head decided that she wanted to do the openings (the guard is supposed to arrive, normally, at 5am and sometimes as early as 4am) so she can leave early every day. This hurts our team because we need our supervisor here when the building is open and full of people and NOT when the building is closed. When we questioned our head of security, she told us this allows her plenty of time to do her supervisor stuff.

    The thing is, none of the other departments supervisors are allowed to be on the clock while the building is closed because they are to be here to help their staff and to help the public when we are open. Each supervisor has been allotted time each and every day to do their supervisory duties (schedules, payroll, etc).

    Am am I in the wrong for thinking our supervisor is shirking her responsibilities? Most of the evening guards no longer see her because she now leaves hours before that shift starts.

    Also, I have been working here for nearly 9 years. And in those 9 years, the head of security was never allowed to work the openings. But somehow she managed to make this work and convinced our new director that this will be ok, or perhaps the new director doesn’t even know or realize what’s going on. It’s just a bummer that our head security is gone by noon.

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    my guess.....she SEZ she comes in at 4am, but in fact she comes in at 7:45.

    yes, any 1/2 decent supervisor will be there during the "brunt of it".

    thats another thing. she is wise to fact that only way she will be fired is if she gets "into it" with some homeless and they make some case. I've said it before and will say it Security you are more likely to be fired for DOING your job rather than NOT doing your job.

    Only time I was ever "removed from post" was when I covered the 4th of July shift for the "site supervisor" at apt/condos where there was a long running Test of Wills over the annual 4th of July kids and parents "party" at the pool. It was a given that WHOEVER worked that shift would be subject to lengthy well documented complaint by complex's Complainer In Chief.

    IMO, you can't win (not sure what you would "win"). But maybe better if you don't win. Do you REALLY want her around during busy times doing dumb stuff and finding dumb reasons to "write you up"??? Women have a vital niche role in Security, but its not Supervisory or Management.

    My advice, stay cool and consider leveraging your 9yrs to get another steady gig. Prior long time in one spot is REQUIRED to hired for most similar posts. But DO NOT express dissatisfaction. Maybe "want bigger firm with more paths for growth".

    Maybe with Old Faithful retired she said "Opening is our Failure Is Not An Option event. I'm not sure I can trust the new guy to not be late, I'll do it". And she has a point. I got nice gig on my terms because guys were showing up late to "the dirt pile" and a very unhappy Construction Superintendent would be required to wait for hour or more (which slammed him into rush hour 4hr commute , because I could hit my gym before hand and be 15min away and guarantee On Time. If the Grave shift didn't show or was late to relieve me it stayed inside the firm and they had 8 hrs to figure something out.

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      Squid - not a gender issue. My current supervisor is a woman and she is one of the best people I've ever worked with, and tougher than a few snowflakes I've worked with that need a therapy dog if someone looks at them wrong. c0187, I can't offer any advice except that people like this get cocky and eventually screw up massively and are asked to leave.

      As far as write ups go, just do your job sensibly. Document things that go wrong objectively, i..e. don't write anything like "...didn't know what to do because X wasn't here." I do my job and I don't apologize when I can't do something that is against policy (i.e. like the lady who complained about me because I would not direct traffic on a CITY street so she could get out of the facility). If I make a mistake I own it. Complaints? Yup, I've gotten a few. Actual written warnings? Not yet.


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        First of all...don't bother with squid. He doesn't know a thing.

        If the library has no issue with her doing the opening, then it's moot.
        She is saving them money by changing the shift and taking the am spot.
        Yes. She can still supervise as she is a manager, not line guard.
        Unless the City says different, you can't do anything about it.
        After 9 years there, you shouldn't need close supervision, nor should you not be able to do your job.
        Just write your reports.


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          Then propose to be a trainer, explain the need, with a pay bump. Solution or at least issue brought to the attention of management.


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            Supe is probably moon-lighting at 2nd job. Her real (2nd) job has real hours, so she gets her other job (yours) to accommodate her real job. Probably works Grave so once that settles down by 4 or 5am she can show up at your gig and do rest of her grave over phone. Since she is "the boss" she can pop-out if needed.

            SOP among the Playa's Klub of security supes. I've learned from pros. Worked with one guy who was working TWO gigs while also working my site. He was always "I'm at X right now so can't visit, but give report to so-and-so" etc.

            Typical SF bay wage $20/hr for warm body not so good. $20+$20 "ghost patrol" more like it.
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