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just when I say "No one is making BOMBS in USA" along comes this guy.

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  • just when I say "No one is making BOMBS in USA" along comes this guy.

    OK, it was only an M-80, which IIRC is more like "illegal fireworks".

    But I bet any real investigation would have him very connected to several well known "mainstream" political groups. Likely he has even been paid by them, although not directly to do this bombing.

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    It says right in the article it was an M-1000. (I think they added an extra zero, but I am not an expert.) That's a grenade simulator. They are loud and have a concussive force. (I've seen one lit by a building and it bent a large window inward with its force.) If multiple officers were injured, that's not a "firework," that's an IED.

    I don't care how much the left wing media spins it, Antifa and BLM attract the fringe, and these groups do nothing to reign them in. Expect more of this.

    For those confused by Squid's paid reference, it goes back to the 60s and 70s, when the government had infiltrators in the anti-war and civil rights movements to stir things up and make them look bad. I don't think anyone needs to be paid these days - we have enough nut jobs running around in this country to give both sides all the agitators they want.
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      Squid still hasn't figured out that he has NO IDEA what he's talking about. Parsing things together does not equal intelligence.


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        These tactics are not to injure the police but to get those on the right angry enough to actually strike back. The left's plan is once the right fights back, is to cry victim and spin that to further disarm the population. I could buy most of what I need to make a bomb 1000's of times more effective online then a firecracker. Nitro methane , a little **-0-0 and some fast burning gunpowder to create a makeshift blasting cap with some simple household items would make a much bigger bang. I could just steel most of what I needed from a construction site and not go thru the hassle of having it tied to me thru a credit card if I truly wanted to. Outside of my moral objections I think I could have made one hell of a criminal. This is why I was so good at doing security work.
        Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb.
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          Both sides play victim when they need to. (The Proud Boys are always quick to point out the "assaults" on them.) Granted, I was but a wee lad in the early 70s, but I remember seeing the riots and demonstrations on the news. I don't want to see a return to those times.

          The advantage to our country is we have the rule of law and effective police. Killing cops would trigger a response that none of these people want. Likewise, notice their public rhetoric - no one is openly advocating the overthrow of our government, because that would cause a lot of these people to wake up to unmarked vans in their driveway and guys in suits carrying off their computers from their parents' basement.

          My concern is that both parties are so desperate for votes that moderate, civilized people like Jeff Flake and John Kasich get drowned out by clowns like Pelosi and FOX News infotainers. A bunch of children playing with matches in a dynamite factory, with no thought of what happens next...


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            The problem is that antifa is the first to strike. in fact Proud boys only exist BECAUSE antifa were attacking people.


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              At this point it may be chicken and egg - antifa claims they have to respond to the rising right wing threat in this country. The take away for security is that we have to be prepared for the threats around us. When I hear the word "rally" anymore, i don't care which side is holding it - I make sure I know where and when it is, and if it's near my job site.