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Will there be post Election riots? Smashing windows downtown, blocking roads etc.

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  • Will there be post Election riots? Smashing windows downtown, blocking roads etc.

    Data says the Usual Suspects wont do well tomorrow.

    I'm hoping elections become similar to what happens when a mob doesn't like it when a cop isn't convicted in high profile case.

    I'm hoping they then figure out the time to get violent isn't after, but BEFORE elections, especially in voting areas where they don't do well, to scare people from polls (don't tell them the same areas they don't do well in are same ones that will tend to mail in ballots).

    So it turns into a week long "happening" like clockwork.

    I think that is how it is in many nations, and we are kinda headed that way.

    That would be great for Security biz.

    I'm too busy with non-security real job, but I encourage anyone especially at big firms with lots of sites to let them know you are Ready To Rock prior to any likely "happening".

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    And a big zero. So much for your vaunted security knowledge squid.


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      Originally posted by Soper View Post
      And a big zero. So much for your vaunted security knowledge squid.
      I'm always thinking a few years ahead.

      BTW, how do I find out about shootings(when bullets put people in hospital or graveyard) that aren't reported in the news?

      Hear a shooting yesterday in SF about 8 shots, mess of cops and SFFD response. Hear from SF cops victim (neighborhood beef) was stable, but nothing in news.

      Small town papers got "police blotter" of just about every thing the cops are called for, including stray dog reports that don't pan out, but nothing similar in Big City.


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        Just heard protests being planned for 5 p.m. today to protest Trump's firing of Klu Klux Klan Grand wizard Jeff sessions from attorney general position. Who would have thought that a bunch of Communists and left Wingers would be objecting to the firing of a Klu Klux Klan member from an important government job.

        Update. Times Square NYC. Check 2nd post. Looks like I'm not the only one who knew of Jeff's KKK ties.

        Haven't heard if things got ugly in TS NYC. I'd imagine that place is pretty well armored, and only visiting "soft targets" are in danger.

        But again, looking out a few years, I'm predicting post election riots in USA regular as clockwork, for a couple dry Poly-Sci reasons.

        Few things about US elections are very diff from Europe and other places.

        a)We have "winner take all" system VS "proportional", which results in elections being very close, because "both" sides don't really care about anything except getting elected and craft their message to garner 50%+1 better than other guy who is doing same thing.

        b)USA has routine massive voter fraud across all levels, due to lack of checks and safeguards, and prohibitions on any investigations without "probably cause", as well as strong PC feelings against any checks.

        c)USA has weird garbage pail collection of Bad Ways To Count Votes, including easily hackable voting machines, and just plain incompetence and dishonestly at all levels.

        a+b+c means MOST elections in USA are fraudulent, or at least fraudulent enough to exceed margin of victory even if the 'right side' wins.

        Thus, after EVERY election its actually logical to claim "last election was invalid and there is no reason to accept it, and in fact a duty not to accept it".

        IMO the only things that prevent post election riots are that with Civil Service and Judaical Overreach/Activism, elections haven't really mattered for over 100yrs in USA, and with Winner Take All as they say "not a dime's worth of diff between them" anyways.

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          Anything on 4chan should be taken with a grain of salt - this is a known troll site. There is NOT "massive" voter fraud in the U.S. There is some, but the percentage it so low is doesn't influence outcomes. That having been said...

          The only hope for this country is if moderates and reasonable people tell the hate mongers on both sites to shut up, pack up and go. Much as I am not a Carlson fan (that's a whole other off-topic), this really does cross a very clear line. Looks like more Security and EP jobs will be needed for the near future...

          Since it's D.C. none of these clowns will get any significant prosecution, which will only encourage more of this.
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            There is massive voter fraud across all sectors of American elections. When I was a little kid visiting my dad's family out in the midwest several of the older people were still routinely voting for their long departed children. Naturally their children would also be voting wherever they moved to. This was considered routine. I worked with a ranking Mexican gang member who was orchestrating several buses to move voters around to vote several times and different spots to vote against Obama for John McCain due to the perception that Obama would bring homosexuality in do public schools of all things. Obama himself after meeting Bill Ayers in bills living room won his first local Chicago election by caging all the cigs of his opponent and that's knocking all his opponents off the ballot. Over two-thirds of his opponents signatures were found to be fraudulent and thrown out. Those were signatures and not votes but is anybody think that they were not going to be votes on Election Day? Again over two thirds. Chicago is not some town with some weird quirky reason like being a completely seasonal farming or fishing or Resort Community. It's a Middle America. Fact is election fraud in America is sort of like the Deep oceans. 90% are still completely unexplored. Right now we have four big semi trucks blocking the office of Ballard County election office. It's a very close race as I referenced in my previous post and they are finding new unexplained boxes of votes almost hourly now. Nobody knows what the hell is really going on. But to bring it back to security these are the types of situations where regardless of what side you were on you might be wanting to hire a few extra security goons just to protect your storefront when these crowds or what not start to getting out of control. 4chan almost exclusively only comments on mainstream news stories from other mainstream sites. Any comments that should be back up by references are usually quickly ask for references and outside links. This is completely different than standard Network news where news bunnies will do a little bit of facts and then make a lot of unsupported statements and pontificate and Lord it over as if they do not need to be questioned or even thought about. Now I'm thinking since private security has done such a good job at taking away a lot of the duties of actual Public Safety from the Oakland Police in the Oakland Hills maybe private security should be taxed with running valid elections since the government seems to be falling very short especially as of late. All that would need to have to happen is give private firms or organizations access to verify elections. They would not act actually run the elections themselves. Sort of like how big important buildings like skyscrapers do not use government inspectors during the construction. It's all private engineering inspectors it sort of outrank government inspectors do to their certifications and greater expertise.