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  • Called a racist.

    So I'm pretty new to security work. I am 19 and yea I get that is young. I work in california (it just keeps getting worse I know). So I was assigned to a football game to make sure no one ran off with the money box/tried to get in without paying. Pretty simple job and I like to go above and beyond by helping push people in wheelchairs or help a coach carry some water jugs etc. Well this chick decides she was just going to walk past the desk without paying. We tell her to stop and pay and she points out an African american male maybe 50 yards away and says "my boyfriend will pay for me." We just shrug it off like yea sure whatever. Some people actually pay for their SO before or after they arrive but I knew by the look she was giving this wasnt the case. When the male got to the desk he tried to make an excuse for why he shouldnt pay. He eventually did pay just for himself and went to the bleachers. At this point the ticket lady is having me point them out to the workers at the game so they can either kick her out or make her pay up. I guess the male sees me pointing at him and comes up to me 20 minutes later yelling in my face about how I'm a racist because I never harassed any of the white folk (everyone else, including other black people, had no issue paying) and that he was going to report me for racism. I kept my cool and let him keep interrupting me and yelling at me and never raised my voice or anything. Is this sort of interaction common? Is it possible to get a scolding or hours cut or whatever if he did report me? Not because I did anything wrong but you know because customer is always right type of deal?

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    It isn't likely anything will happen - the guy is oversensitive. I had a similar experience last weekend. The facility I work at is near a college. We post signs and hand out flyers on game days that there is no event parking. If we see you head towards the college, you get an impound notice. We give you time to come back and move your car, but if you don't return in the set amount of time you get impounded. (Our customers parking is the priority, and we don't have enough of it on a good day.)

    So this guy calls me at shift change and demands to know why he was the only one who got a notice (not true), and why we "profiled" him. (His car wasn't even towed.) I explained the reasons why he would have gotten a notice, but since I was not the S/O who wrote the ticket, I didn't have the details. On and on about "profiling," he's going to call the Director about me, etc. Short story, I still work there.

    This sort of interaction is too common. I am sick of everyone in this country being on a hair trigger, outraged over every perceived slight and ready to stick their nose into every situation. (Every shoplifter of color plays the race card too, to which I say "Yes, we do profile - we profile on behavior, not color.") And it isn't just race - every crazy, rich leftist white woman in Seattle springs to the defense of the poor, downtrodden homeless addicts, despite the fact that they threaten clerks when they get caught stealing, leave their dirty needles everywhere, etc.

    You did right - don't raise your voice, explain policy and that you are there to enforce it, and don't apologize for doing your job. Yes, some companies have a dumb policy that any complaint gets you tossed off that site, but generally if you acted professionally, you're in the clear. Oh, and welcome to security - hope it goes smoother for you.


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      If I had a nickel every time that happened...

      These people bring even more racism unto themselves by the virtue of their ignorance & stupidity.

      Claiming some b.s. outrages & injustices against themselves when in fact there are/were none.

      Just b firm w/these types & their ilk; just don't drop any n-bombs & u'll b ok.


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        Security is funny business. What is bad is good and what is good is bad.

        I'll tell you what wont be happening- the venue wont be saying "We don't need Security".

        This is way I'm restarting my Security career. Not just more crime and less effective police (not all cops fault) but also a rapidly increasing need by Nice People to have a "throw away" person act as a buffer and absorb things like accusations of "racism".

        I recently posted a story about a nice guy, nice job, nice home, etc who got fired after false accusations of "racism" related to his (unpaid IIRC, just trying to "do his part") duties as HOA pool manager.

        Your football game is great example of why they hired you. What if it was the Sports Director or other big wig being accused of "racism"?

        "Just b firm w/these types & their ilk; just don't drop any n-bombs & u'll b ok."

        I'd highly recommend having your cell phone on "record" at all times at this job. Look for repeat by same offenders. Consider a "power brick" keep phone running. Your phone will probably only want to record for certain time (my Note 3 does 33:25 then shuts off) so learn your phone.
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