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What Do You Consider To Be An Absolute Minimum Amount Of Equipment On Your Belt?

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  • What Do You Consider To Be An Absolute Minimum Amount Of Equipment On Your Belt?

    Now, I know that some guys and gals have almost every possible item that they can think of on their gun belt, whether they are armed or not. They have multiple handcuff pouches, ASP, OC, Taser, radio, flashlight(s), gloves, CPR pocket mask, etc. However, I am looking at the exact opposite. I am wondering what you, or your employer, consider to be an absolute minimum amount of equipment on your gun belt.

    For example, if I see someone in uniform and all they are wearing is their pants belt, it looks sort of funny to me. I get how jailers, some places, don't wear much of anything, except perhaps keys, on their belt and that is it.

    In my way of thinking, the absolute minimum should be as follows:

    -Handheld Radio (I mean, if you need help, shouldn't you be able to radio somebody?)

    -Flashlight (Day shift or dog watch, there are places that are dark, shouldn't everybody have a flashlight of some sort?)

    Now, I gather from reading some previous posts here that some contract security companies may actually have guards remove their sidearm because the contract calls for an "unarmed guard". Does that seem strange to anybody else? Wouldn't many/most customers request unarmed guards to save money?

    If there anybody here that doesn't carry a flashlight at all? If so, why not? Are you always in such a well lit area that it isn't a concern of yours?

    Is there anybody here that doesn't have a portable radio assigned? If not, are you expected to call 911 for help?

    Again, in the interest of full disclosure, I have really never worked much contract security. Generally, there is somebody that I could call for help, if necessary. Granted, it might be a janitor, but something is better than nothing, right?

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    My minimal equipment list for my belt / pockets is surprisingly simple. Leatherman wave, tactical pen, cell phone and my keys. This covers 99.9 % of what I am expected to have to do in the course of a normal shift. I will have a hard hat to go with a pair of tinted and clear safety if I am expecting to work a construction site but those stay in the car until needed.
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      main thing you want on your duty belt is a 2nd cell phone set up to act as body cam. that way people will get used to it and not think you are recording. even if they are seeing you for first time the fact that you are used to it will fool them.

      I only wish someone would make an app that allowed a smart phone to start recording without taking it out and playing finger-footise on the screen.

      Also wish someone would write an app that turns phone into "trail cam". It already got the tools. Motion Detection and even RANGE FINDER(focus).

      I really can't think of anything better than a 2nd smart phone, for lots of reasons.


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        Originally posted by Squid View Post
        ...I only wish someone would make an app that allowed a smart phone to start recording without taking it out and playing finger-footise on the screen...
        Actually, that is a great point. With regards to carriers, although it would be spendy, having a smartphone on BOTH AT&T Verizon would increase the likelihood of being able to connect in many places.

        As far as the app goes, I do believe the reason I think there is one is because I went to the National Sheriff's Association conference trade show a couple of years back when it was in Minneapolis. There were a couple of companies making external vest carriers that had pocket right up front to hold the smartphone. They also had a hole for the camera lens. I asked about turning it on and off and was told that their "app" made it dead simple. Unfortunately, I didn't look any further into it at the time, but now, in retrospect, it may have been nice to know a few more details!


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          Yeah, there are android apps that work with a smart watch. Before my motorola watch gave up the ghost I had it paired to my samsung galaxy s5, I could bring it up on the watch, set my phone down & no one would know it was recording.That was audio at least.
          I'm sure if I had dug around in the droid market I could have found an audio/video one but that was not what I wanted.

          I have 3 S5's, 2 old ones & my normal usage one. I also have a iphone 6s. I'm sure I could rig one up to a shirt for carrying, from what I've seen locally, very few guards here wear vests.

          The other option is. sjcam 6 can be used with a wrist control that looks sorta like a watch. I use that for paintball. The camera is very similar to a gopro. Again, I'm sure if I dug around there would be ways to wear it on a shirt or a vest without being too conspicious. The one thing I would do (depending on state laws) is place a piece of electrical tape over the front recording light. My state is 1 state recording so only I need to know its recording, YMMMV.

          Oh, the one advantage to me on the sjcam.. price. Its like a 1/3 the price of a gopro with the same basic capabilities. Sorry, I'm 75% swede, we are known as penny pincers, plus I'm from New England, yanks are also known to be extremely frugal. So I pinch pennies until old abe screams bloody murder LOL


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            Jim and Winters: Just saw something called "Alfred" (after Batman's butler?) that turns a smart phone into a Home CCTV, supposedly accessible via your main phone.

            We should have a separate thread for Latest and Greatest Phone As BodyCam or Offsite CCTV (LGPABCOCCTV).

            Not sure if Alfred requires the CCTV phone to have service, or maybe Alfred can work with phone that has no service but WiFi???

            Like I said, needs own thread.


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              Jim - the empty holster thing does bug me. I know years ago in Seattle if an armed supervisor went to the port terminals, he had to remove his sidearm and secure it in the vehicle. It was a longshoremen's union rule, probably rooted in Seattle's labor unrest in the 1930s and before. It would be better just to remove the bullets or the magazine, but that's just my two cents.

              As far as minimum equipment, I'd say radio or cell phone, keys, and a flashlight holder. From there its personal preference.


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                Depends on site and/or time of day. could be a notepad and pen only all the way up to flashlights, multitool etc


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                  The minimum equipment for my duty belt is a firearm, good holster, and spare magazines. I have been working in security for several years and have stood by my policy of never working in uniform without a firearm.