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  • Working Part Time For Two Different Places

    I am currently working part time and am considering taking on another part time job. The current job has me working Saturday and Mondays. Occasionally there are other days, but the Saturday and Monday slots are what I was hired for. Another place has an opening for an intermittent position. I am going to apply for that and see if I can make it work by being at two places. The pessimist in me feels that they might both want me at the same times. I am just wondering if anybody here has done this and if you were able to make it work?

    The good thing is both places are only operational Monday through Saturday. There would be no Sundays or holidays. They also have just day and afternoon shifts. Neither one has any midnight shifts. Part of me thinks that this might be a good way to size up both places, in case either one has a full time opening in the future. I guess the good thing with an intermittent position is they will call when they need me, but if I can't cover a shift, I can decline it. But, obviously, the bad thing is that if I am not available when they need me, that may cause them to pass me over when there is a full time slot open.

    Anyway, for those that have done this sort of thing, how did it work out for you? Were you able to work two, or more, places for a long period of time or did you go full time at one of them once there was an opening?

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    1) don't tell a Security firm you have another security job. They tend to be very butt-hurt about that, even more so than jobs that might have legit concerns. They WILL think "he is sleeping at our job so he can work for our competition". Do not tell any co-workers, client employees, etc either.

    2) I've known several "playas" adept at "working" two or more jobs AT THE SAME TIME, during SAME HOURS. These are typically as "roving supervisor" in same area and/or finding jobs with lazy supervision, and if you get "caught" they have a good excuse ready for some 'emergency' why they weren't around.

    I've done two schedules that meshed well, and where I could catch 40-winks, a couple times.

    Both worked out fine for as long as I wanted. Only quit both when unrelated events or high paying construction job came along.

    But you are on to something in that it will be tricky to go from part to full time if you refuse offered extra shifts.

    I'd just go ahead and take both and see what happens, and of course be ready to lose both.
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      Yes, most companies frown on it (and make sure it is legal in your state). But I worked for one company that had mostly part time only, so they were OK with you working for another company. (When I got a FT position with benefits they didn't even try to keep me, just wished me luck.)

      I'd just be up front about your availability, and see what happens. You'll figure out which co. is better soon enough, and then you can go from there.


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        I had a security job where I worked three nights a week (14hr). I would work elsewhere on my nights off for a few months every year for extra money.

        In early 2015 I answered an ad, looking for two or three nights. Well they were desperate and almost begged me to work all four nights. I told them up front that they were my 2nd job and the main one takes priority but that my schedule was set as my boss liked to drink (he did, and he worked Mon-Wed so he could drink every weekend). They were ok with it and hired me.

        Fast forward a few weeks and I saw an in-house job pop up. I applied and was hired Mon-Fri 2nd shift. I was working there, my old job Saturday 14hr and my (now 3rd job) Sunday night 12hr.

        Eventually my F/T job went to a rotating (Pittman) schedule so my old F/T job had to drop me. The other job worked around my schedule and gave me a consistent two week schedule (two nights one week, four the next). That gave me one night off every two weeks.

        At some point the owner asked if I was interested in coming to him F/T. I laughed and said no, they didn't pay enough or offer any benefits.

        By October of 2015 I got a full time government job (non-security) but I still worked two nights a week. When my schedule changed here, they changed it to two other nights and all was well until they lost the contract after 3.5 years because they would send one person to cover two locations next to each other.... and the client finally figured it out LOL

        Oh well... greedy bastards had it coming.


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          It's funny because I mentioned to my alky boss about another job I had. He said "you can't do that". I said "sure I can" and he said "ok, cool".

          What an idiot LOL