Note that I'm using shrunken sad face :c instead of to pay respects to the Shrunken Heads.

"Officials knew it was gonna happen"?!?!?!

Whole operation sounds half assed even by Latin American standards. Now I'm thinking "must be inside job, all that stuff was stolen, fire is to cover the crime".

I can ALMOST believe "no sprinklers" etc but "no guard"? I don't care if the nation is somewhat poor, that makes hiring a simple night-watchman cheap to match. When I was on Spring Break in Mexico in 1986 there are LOTS of security just guarding private beaches, any car newer than 20yrs old, etc. You telling me the main national museum had NO guard at night? You would be able to find plenty of guys willing to do the job basically free just to have a place to go at night and use the washrooms. Plus lots of grad student types working on stuff at the museum.

I'm sure a decent amount of the stuff had gold and jewels, and "no guard" at night in Brazil?!?!?! No alarms?