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$25Gs reward in triple murder in da "Big Easy".

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  • Soper
    The Feds are involved because they can be. Once again, your ignorance shows no bounds.

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  • Squid
    started a topic $25Gs reward in triple murder in da "Big Easy".

    $25Gs reward in triple murder in da "Big Easy".

    Sounds kinda high for only three murders and 10 people shot. Thats like over 2 grand a shooting victim. You can buy a decent 1999 Ford Taurus for less than that. LOL.

    And why is the FBI AND ATF involved? IIRC both Murder and Littering in Public aren't Fed Crimes.

    IIRC after the last big storm it came out that pay for cops in The Big Sleazy was like $11/hr, with expected corresponding quality of staff.

    Real question is: Is $25g a shocking low amount for not just 3 murders, and two guys on the loose likely to shoot more bystanders, $25g kinda low to snitch on two killers, who doubtless have connections, with an also doubtlessly leaky New Orleans PD. Gonna be limited number of peeps who would be able to finger the shooters, and it would be hard for them to enjoy the 25gs without it raising eyebrows.

    PS-I've heard latex gloves are NOT recommended for serious shooting, especially pistols, because they can get snagged on edges easy. Use snug leather or fake leather.