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Allied universal acquires u.s. Security associates

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  • copelandamuffy
    Condo Guard:

    20 years ago you could pick up the Boston telephone pages and flip to “Security Guards”

    1st Security on New England
    Allied Barton if my memory serves me well.. Allied and Barton were two different businesses
    Pinkerton, now Securitas G4S
    Guarsmark….now Allied Universal
    Apollo..biggie in Metro Boston… ….now Allied Universal
    Watts Security
    South Shore Security
    U.S. Security Associates Allied Universal
    And a whole list of regional of Guard companies

    2018, and many are gone. Purchased/bought out by Securitas, and Allied Universal

    Not so sure what will go down with this merger of U.S. Security Associates, and Allied Universal

    Probable the boots on the ground, the security guard at a trucking terminal, or mall, or gated community…is safe as his/her site supervisor. if they are U.S. Security Associates, they will probably have a new Allied Universal uniform

    I worked for Andrews International. purchased by U.S. Security Associates,
    We changed uniforms and nothing else new

    I am assuming the Field Service/road supervisor is safe…Even of the merger of U.S. Security Associates,, and Allied Universal maybe too much for one road supervisor to care for

    It is the regional managers that need to be concerned
    Middle manger.
    Operations managers
    Branch offices? Some may close. The cost $$$ to rent office space in Boston and no doubt Seattle must be in the Ionosphere
    Layoffs at H/R
    Many moons ago a dozen Guard Companies bidding for a contract
    Now just a few

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  • Condo Guard
    The anecdotal evidence would suggest this improves nothing, contrary to the usual fluff PR announcements. Allied Barton (from what I was told) was a good company (or better than most); once it became Allied Universal it went downhill. It doesn't surprise me USSA got sold; they've had issues for several years. Securitas won't improve - they've got their niches and now they have one less competitor.

    Guards and middle managers will suffer - guards will continue to get low (or lower) pay; expect layoffs to be in the supervisory and middle management levels.

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