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George Soros bank-rolling soft-on-crime DAs across USA.

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  • George Soros bank-rolling soft-on-crime DAs across USA.

    Long VS Short term.

    Long term this is of course awful for USA (and rest of world).

    Short term this is very good for Private Security.

    Security is a funny biz, whats just plain bad for everyone else is good for us.

    I'm having a hard time believing George, after looking all around this big world mostly full of poor people, wants to help the USA bank-rolling politicians who wouldn't get much support otherwise. Maybe, like me, he $ee$ a future in the need for greater Security, and is just helping that along.

    About the only way any of this makes sense is if the currently diversified huge number of small firms change into a few huge firms similar to "spaces" like on-line retail or social media.

    This is typically done by paying for new regs that are much easier for a mega-corp to comply with than smaller operators.

    An example would be new Food Safety required training and certs. Not an issue for big fast food but real PIA for everyone else.

    So I've gone from "Soros is pushing to increase crime and decrease safety" to "in addition to maybe starting my own little company, look to becoming a corp cog in future security"