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Jury awards $1B to woman attacked by security guard

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  • Jury awards $1B to woman attacked by security guard

    Mostly a symbolic award since the company was dissolved and the scumbags (the guard and the company owner) probably have no assets. I'd love to say this will make warm body companies think twice, but look at how many black eyes the big players have gotten, and its business as usual...

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    "Zachary, who was 22 at the time of the rape, should never have been hired because he wasn’t licensed to be an armed guard, Stewart said."

    boggles my mind. I once had a company call me 2 weeks into my employment saying they couldn't find my Firearm Permit on CA state website (my bad handwriting or something). In other words, they didn't take two seconds to check if I was legit before sending me out "strapped".

    Sounds like the famous Section 8 townhomes in Richmond were a firm run by cops were handing out gun to MINORS as "armed guards". Some new security firm ran ads recently for same property, with supposedly "new management". Yelp says they have new security and new landlords like clockwork. I submitted a resume, and the whole response IMO screamed "set up to fail".