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  • Pets at your site

    Not mentioned for a bit of time, but do you have pets at your site?
    Got them at warehouse I work weekends in Southeastern Massachusetts
    Ms. Fox..and no I did not tell her she hast to leave

    Massachusetts is having a bad problem with Coyotes
    Our cats are indoor cats

    It is one thing for coyotes to be out in rural western
    Massachusetts, but now they are in the cities
    Last edited by copelandamuffy; 05-01-2018, 06:46 PM. Greatest Comedy team ever!

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    Not so much on my current site, but one of the previous ones I worked at had all kinds of critters. Best one was a huge owl that flew past me at 3:00am about six inches above my head (I'm assuming he was chasing some other prey and I just happened to be in the way). The wild rabbits come out at night too - they do their thing, I do mine, everybody gets along.


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      I like feeding the stray cats. I got about 5 regulars who like to hang around waiting for their next meal.

      One fine evening as I was settled into a good slasher flick, out of the corner of my eye I caught a couple of my cats sprinting off. Sure 'nuff, some dirtbag was on the premises.


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        So you just sat there and slept your shift away, as usual.