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rhut-o, Dems planning to run all internet biz out of CA.

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  • rhut-o, Dems planning to run all internet biz out of CA.

    first they ran most of the ****-o filming out with new restrictions, now they are gonna run Youtube, Google, Facebook, and the rest the hell out of CA.

    Funny, because in theory these businesses COULD locate anywhere just as easy, but they were in not just CA by clustered around 'Frisco with the highest rents, taxes and homeless population of ANYWHERE, and it was them totally carrying the rest of the state. I've done work for 35yr old geeks that were personally paying over a MILLION per year in CA State Income Tax alone and thought it was A-OK because it was "giving back" etc.

    "social media Internet Web site with physical presence in California"

    Security related: Maybe this could be a new sector for Private Security as CA becomes more "1984". I'm guessing they will want some sort of goofy "Certified Censor" to do the censoring.

    I can think of a couple clowns on this forum who would be naturals.

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    I think its all businesses and more importantly...taxpayers. The smart ones anyway.


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      related note: the entire Zuckerberg/Senate thingy seems all about some new assumption that non-approved OPINIONS (Russian and other "trolls") are somehow illegal or in need of Govt attack. They don't want us to be able to decide for ourselves and even hear the other side.

      Trump might be a disappointing sellout, but the success of his CAMPAIGN scared the establishment, and now the establishment wants to make sure that doesn't happen again.


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        How does all of this factor with the Calexit movement that is being proposed? Considering that outside of the urban centers are relatively conservative and could impede this succession movement.
        Confronted with the choice, the American people would choose the policeman's truncheon over the anarchist's bomb.
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          As far as California goes, yes, Silicon Valley will lose its influence as other places woo the IT and other tech industries to locate there. (Seattle is already becoming "Silicon Valley North." ) Seattle is making the same mistakes CA is (over regulation, more taxes and a lot of money wasted), so it will be interesting if Amazon's HQ2 (when that city is chosen) becomes the next high tech hub for other businesses.

          I think the bigger problem is not stifling opposite opinions as it is the media has just become a propaganda platform for various sides. When it isn't fluff and infotainment, its biased opinion based on little information and no fact checking. Whenever a talking head says, "Well this may just be speculation..." I change stations - I am perfectly capable of speculating on my own, what I want are FACTS.

          The Calexit movement has its roots in previous disputes. Steve is right in that LA and San Francisco have a lot of liberal influence that you don't find in the rest of the state. In the end I don't think the state will split up - for all its problems, there is benefit in living in a diverse and large economy. What Californians have to do is reign in their state and local governments. I love that San Diego is in defiance of the state's declared "sanctuary" status - the governor must be fuming.
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            CA won’t split up nor exit. It won’t be allowed by the Feds or other states.


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              Originally posted by Soper View Post
              CA won’t split up nor exit. It won’t be allowed by the Feds or other states.
              Thats a shame




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