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I've posted before about offset shift scheduling (4am-12pm-8pm)

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  • I've posted before about offset shift scheduling (4am-12pm-8pm)

    as a way to avoid up the dreaded graveyard "wee hours" Sandman, as well as avoid typical rush hour commutes (all the good paying jobs tend to be downtown around here).

    But now I've found out that CA allows both 4 10hr shifts AND 3 12hr shifts without requiring employer to pay overtime. Hell, I'm an old man but I'd still rather do 12hr shifts in CONSTRUCTION just to avoid the extra commute time and have a nice stretch of off days every week. So to me its a no brainer to want longer but fewer shifts in security.

    How to sell this concept to employers and schedulers? For starters, going to 12hr shifts means 33% less chance for stuff to go wrong, everything from blown coverage to late showups to cars breaking down. 12 hr shifts also naturally avoid at least ONE rush hour commute, and most naturally avoid both. 12 hour shifts don't allow for much else, so employees are less likely to get distracted and tied up doing other stuff during their workweek.

    In the Intangibles Dept, everytime I've worked 12hr shifts its always been with a single other guard covering the other shift and we think of ourselves as a "team" and "partners" and we take "ownership of the job" etc even though we really just two guards. We leave stuff like personal microwave, flood lights, etc for the other guy because its only one other person you will be getting the stuff back from shortly. Don't work if there is more than one person involved.

    10hr shifts don't make too much sense for most security where the goal is 24hr coverage, but 3 12hr shifts seem perfect and I'd gladly give up 4 hrs a week in exchange for 4 off days in a row every week.

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    You bring up a good point about working as a team - the weekends at the power plant under construction (lots of attempted copper theft) were covered by me at night and the same guy for day shift. We figured out quickly that we were the only two actually doing patrols, locking gates, etc. We made sure at the end of our shifts when the other showed up to do a proper pass on, mention any problems, etc. I apologized to him when I left the company and told him I really hoped they got someone reliable for my shift.

    The downside is depending upon the site, 12 hours can be a real grind, and your first day off is usually doing nothing and recovering. I agree on the commute issue - one reason why I don't do day shift is the rush hour commute 2x a day - totally sucks.


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      seems like its OK to have a partner with diff levels of capability and you are still "a team" but once you get 3 its always 2 pissed that the 3rd isn't holding up his end.

      for me The Grind is only having 2 days off a week, which isn't even "off" since like you said the 1st is recovery....then the 2nd is "prep".

      My all time fave schedule was doing construction and The Crew figured we could do 3 13.3333hrs shift for our 40hrs.

      We had a big rollout and rollup (school job) so we could get more done with less rolling and more actual production hours, and 13.333 was about what you can do and still be OK.

      Funny thing is the Union will tell you "some of our older guys can't do that" (or do 5am starts) to try to make you feel sorry, but reality is its us older guys pushing for that and its the young guys that have an issue.
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        Yeah, a fair number of the 20 somethings can't do Sat or Sun early day shifts. I've had more than one supervisor at different companies be mad because weekend day shift seems less productive. Of course they are - half of them are hung over from the night before. (Oh, I'm sorry; "food poisoning" seems to happen a lot on Fri-Sat nights.)
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          Ive done security where it was 2 12s, 10 and 6. Between 4 morning/day people and 4 overnights, it was covered 24/7. There were 3 other guards on different hours (daytime only) but that was for extra boots to cover breaks/lunches etc. But 4 people could cover it comfortably. We didnt do much.




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