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Where do you get your Gear ?

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  • Where do you get your Gear ?

    I usually buy my gear at a local public safety shop called skaggs, they usually offer good prices, sometimes at wholesale. or i will order from quartermaster or cheif supply, the guys at cheif are really nice and ship quick and thier prices on some equipment is cheaper than QM, but QM has cheap unis..

    i am just curious if many of you use online ordering or if you go to a local shop.
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    For me, if it's something small and fairly inexpensive, I'd usually either drive the 40 minutes to my local cop shop and buy something outright and save on shipping costs, or peruse a Gall's or Quartermaster uniform catalog, and figure on buying enough equipment in one order to justify a shipping charge.
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      Buy different security gear from like belts, patches, baton holder, and many more. These are high-quality products and comes with a guarantee, so buy with confidence and wear with pride.
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        there is a local security supply place like 10 mins from my house so Its pretty easy for me to go to them


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          80 % of my gear is Ebayed, I get cheap 5.11 class A & B's there, used bulletproof vests are in the Security wages range, and both my duty belts and their accessories have come from there.

          10% of my gear is from which has pretty reasonable prices, that's where I got my ASP and my Safariland 6280 from, at a pretty good price.

          The last 10% is a mix of stuff I had left over from the military (boots, cold weather gear, ect), from b-day gifts ( love the Under Armor) and Gall's (OC and name tags).


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            I got all my Bianchi grear from a my local "Mom & Pop" uniform shop. The owner's husband is a local LEO and the service is always outstanding.

            I do need to get back to the shop sometime, as my current site requires a white shirt with a tie buisiness look and duty gear is out. I need to get a key clip or two and a new light case.
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              Where do you get your Gear ?

              America police a equipment in metairie la but I stop going to them. Reason why they mainly catering to nopd

              So manly getting everything from net. I hate it I don't like to wait
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              oh ya


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                I've purchased gear at Westforth, the local gun store, Sklarewitz, the local uniform shop, as well as purchased online at Ebay,, Galls, and Quartermaster.


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                  Hmmm... because I'm not located in a large city,

                  80% eBay
                  5% generic hardware stores
                  5% army surplus/disposal stores
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                    Bad website, good catalog: http:// free freight on orders over $50.00 until end of this year.

                    A little bit form Ebay, mainly Safariland leather gear.

                    Locally, Uniforms Unlimited. Streichers is also local for me.
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                      I got all my gear online even my security boot . Internet is the best


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                        well 99% of my gear is owned by the company so unfortuneately that means i get to go to Blumenthals (but its not my money so what do i care that they are expensive) For personal purchases I shop online at Galls, Quartermaster, or Streichers. I just recently got my first Chief catalog so I will probably try them in the near future.