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Who's in charge anyway??

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    Ahhh, yes! You do have the right to feel the way you do.. Sadl, I think the root issue comes from the fact that Security in itself, is still not percieved to be important as it really is, and because of this, it rolls down hill to other issues, which lands in your lap, being the "scare crow" for image and non-functionality.

    If it makes you feel any better what so ever, my shoes walk a long difficult mile as well.

    All the long hours and countless days have recently shown me what I am percieved of and how valuable it has played to those above me.. nothing at all. The creativeness of myself and staff to cause a 23% decrease in crime in my sector of police patrols, the increase of over 700% in criminal arrests, all the while dropping PD assistance calls. The awards, the leaniancey on my staff to wander and flow where they know best since they are front lines.. To then be told "thanks, now go back to the old way of mindless mundrum". If I rock the boat too much, then I am easily replaced with a "yes man" in a second!

    We are all stuck in a sense, and have to weigh our battles each day.
    Deputy Sheriff


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      Well said Mall Director
      "I am not a hero. I am a silent guardian, a watchful protector"