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  • CorpSec
    I have no idea about Canadian law, but the guy will most likely have to call the police to take the theft report eh? When the cops come, I would ask them how they suggest you proceed if you spot him.

    If you can narrow him down to a guest at your hotel, I would furnish the police with his room number and let them handle it.

    There is just too much liability associated with arresting someone if you are not 100 percent sure that you are on solid ground. Why risk your job and/or a lawsuit over a property crime?

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  • HotelSecurity
    started a topic Opinions needed

    Opinions needed

    I can't afford a lawyer

    Where I am I can arrest anyone I find committing a criminal offense on or in relation to the property I am being paid to protect.

    Tonight a laptop was stolen in the bar while it's owner was playing the loto machine. The cameras have a clear photo of the suspect picking up & walking off with the laptop. It is possible he is another guest of the hotel. If I see him in person later tonight or tomorrow, am I legally allowed as per FINDS COMMITTING to arrest him?