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One of the reasons I hate college kids...

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  • james2go30

    Saw this video a few weeks digusted me the way the young people behaved. It was over dramatized on a lot of things and just goes to show you that todays youth has no respect for authority.

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  • Mr. Security

    Yes, questioning authority is often an underlining theme found within colleges. However, the problem started at home with the parent(s) that refused to discipline and train young ones in their care. If children are raised in a home where those who are expected to set the right example chafe at authority, is it any wonder that their grown children leave home with those attitudes already inculcated?

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  • HotelSecurity
    I saw this video before. I think it was on this forum.

    I too have to deal often with college aged young people who come to the hotel to take advantage of Quebec's lower than most states & provinces legal drinking age. I was reading the January issue of SECURITY magazine, page 12. North American Video is selling a "mosquito ultrasonic teenager deterrent device" I had to re-check the front cover to make sure this was not the April Fool's edition of the magazine. If it is true, apparently the device emits a sound that becomeS highly irritating to teenagers after 5 mniutes of exposure but due to natural hearing loss does not effect people over 30. I WANT SOME OF THESE BABIES!!!!!

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  • ValleyOne
    started a topic One of the reasons I hate college kids...

    One of the reasons I hate college kids...

    FIrst the video;

    UCLA Police Officers were alerted to a person in the library who failed to furnish his student ID card (Requirement-as it was after hours and is NOT public property). The CSO got the campus cops. The student failed to comply with their orders and was subsequently tazered. This event, of police officers trying to protect not only the university, the staff, and the little bas-Ahem students, from a viable security threat goes on to show how (IN MY OPINION) colleges and universities have become adult day care centers were everyone is force fed a daily diet of what any professor feels about the world, and then hugs are given out.

    The other students UNAWARE of what's really going on start to get over emotional (you can hear a few females actually crying ) More than a few of them start to request the officers for their badge numbers and names. The crowd starts to tell the cops what they should and should not be doing.

    To be honest video actually pissed me off. I am tired of people assuming that the cops are an band of evil doers who have no training or the brains to do the job. They are dealing with a breach in security. The kid turned out to be a student and for whatever reasons chose to be a d1ck about showing his ID, who knows maybe he ran short on cash for his student loans and planned this so he could sue the department, Good Plan actually, he has about 65 people who would testify that the evil cops were being big meanies to him. I mean, after all, the actions of mean cops made a few cry... poor things.

    Here'sva one of the opinions of the brainiacs that have seen the video.

    i would just attack the actually an emotional such a moment i dont think about consequenzes..i was educated to follow my conscience no matter what happens..if one individual acts, the whole pack will follow

    and i don't mean to kill the police officers or something...just to get this student free and noone has to get hurt
    An obvious future Rocket Scientist... Attack the police as a group, but no one has to get hurt? Follow your emotions without consideration for the consequences? I would like to know how this person envisions atacking the police without anyone getting hurt? A human wall perhaps?

    These little pukes in the library just piss me off. Im sorry for the rant, but I just can't stand these kids and how they feel the world is SOOO unjust. They have NO clue what unjust truely is...

    It wouldn't suprise me one damn bit to find out this was staged,

    Further resources;


    UCLA Student Newspaper (can you note the slant?)