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One of the reasons I hate college kids...

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    [QUOTE=ValleyOne]Dude, WTF?!? I am starting to think that you are actually a active member the the ACLU. (Anti-Cop Lawyer Union). This is another example of your Super Ninja activities and why you not winning over any hearts and minds here.

    " Dude ", WTF, I'm staring to think your brain dead, put the weed down and step back, I do believe in Civil Rights, I don't see the police as super heroes by any means, as for my super ninja activities, yes I do have excessive martial arts training so sue me, and I don't have to win anything here including hearts and minds, as it's obvious some here are just not that intelligent, some are warm bodies, and some see police officers as phallic symbols most likely a psychological shortcoming about their own manliness. I have no intrest in hurting anyone if I don't have to, and yes unlike you I have the nuts to back myself up in almost any situation. Just on the basis of your posting of " Dude " that tells me pretty much what you are :O) Have a nice day.


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      Originally posted by Dam Guard
      The officers got him out of the building unharmed and not man handled. Which is exactly what would have happened back in the 80's at the local college that I worked near. They didn't have many officers back then and many times would call for assistance from the city. We would have went in and asked him to leave and if he refused he would have been doing his protesting in the air as we would have jacked him right off his feet and on to the floor and then bodily carried him out in cuffs with his feet not touching the floor. If he continued to resist by kicking and wrestling around one of us would most likely have used a pressure point technique. If that didn't work then a lateral vascular restraint would have been applied, the whole time he would be being force walked/carried towards the exit. We always showed up with several officers when we were contacted by the campus police because they only called us when they truly needed help and we always moved fast when someone refused to comply with commands. And if some one had dropped one of us like I saw someone say back in the thread that someone would have been taken out in the same fashion but probably after having their legs knocked out from under them by a PR24. I know because this same type situation happened while I was on duty once and this is pretty much how it went down. When we carried them out we did it by going between their legs with the PR24, turning it sideways and pulling back while lifting up. Brings em right up on their toes or higher if you lift far enough. You can sure escort them out the door and into a cruiser like that. I have had to carry some into the jail with that technique too, if they refused to walk in under their own power. You have to keep a real strong grasp on the back of the collar when you do this, to keep them from falling forward face first. So be sure you are strong enough to lift the person if you ever try this particular technique.
      Damn guard laughing as one twit put it, watch the pressure point technique or vascular restraint holds on here, some in here might think your a " Super Ninja " laughing.......


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        I think the level of personal attacks in this thread will cease or people will start being banned.
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          Originally posted by N. A. Corbier
          I think the level of personal attacks in this thread will cease or people will start being banned.
          Here's hoping.....

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