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    I think for the most part it is just a numbers game with all the SHU'S and so on. I agree that capsaicinoid content is what is considered to be most important. I know that some people use (this) formula to get some idea of how hot or good a spray is. You multiply the % times the SHU'S. So lets take Fox Labs for example. 2% x 5.3 million SHU = 106,000 . Some people call this the scoville content and some call it Out of Nozzle Heat or ONH. Sabre Red is
    10% x 2 million SHU = 200,000 ONH. Now, according to this Sabre Red is much hotter than Fox. Well, what about Punch ? Punch II and III are both rated at 5% x 2 million = 100,000 ONH On the other hand Freeze plus P is 1% x 2 million SHU = 20,000 but you have to remember that freeze plus p also contains 1% CS. I have been sprayed with BG-V 5% RATED 2 MILLION SHU'S and also with Freeze Plus P. The Freeze plus P was just as, if not more hot than the BG-V and was just all around more effective when used on me.
    I recommend Freeze Plus P. It is interesting to me that a 10% 1 million Shu spray has the same ONH as a 5% 2 million shu spray. And that Fox Labs is only a little hotter than punch II or III or other 5% 2 million spray. Of course it could all just be a numbers game


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      I use/carry First Defense® X2™, MK-4 Pepper Spray (Stream)
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        Here in Ohio the State Patrol uses Freeze +p, Columbus Police use Mark 4, and County uses FOX. Lately though I have seen the Police deploy their Tasers before they go for the spray. I'm thinking its because they don't want to get OC on them or dont want to transport a subject in their car that has been sprayed.
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          I've carried & used First Defense with mixed results, I personally found it way too weak..when I want OC, I want effective OC now.
          I moved to Fox lab's becaue my dept issued first defense (because its cheap) and have not had an occasion when it failed to take the fight out of the subject, this includes a charging american pit bull which weighed about 120lbs which I hit with my riot fogger while off duty, sadly it also drifted to a the by-stander who I was protecting..oh well, I told him to back out.
          The % & SHU numbers are important, some stuff is just junk dispite that though, you need to look at spray patterns, duration & dispersion, bleed down, etc and talk to guys who have used OC in the real world and see what they say.
          From what I have seen & heard, as well as my own experience, Fox labs is among the best out there, have heard the same about Freeze +P, but have not used it myself.
          Some PD's will not allow thier officers to carry Fox or Freeze, due to liability concerns over being too hot & thus subject to 'excessive force issues', so might want to check dept policy before buying your own to carry on duty.

          Taser is a fight stopper..period, its more fool proof then OC and effects only the lucky recieving party..when you OC, its near impossible not to get secondary contamination to somebody or something, you have to watch wind direction, other officers, etc, then in your patro car (if your a PO & transport), etc. You have to legally assist with decon in most jurisdictions & always if requested and your dealing with unknown body fluid from the sprayee & possible contact with it...I've personally seen a perp, grab a handfull of his snot mixed with OC foam (junk), after getting hosed & throw it at another matter how much fun that was to watch, it still serious enough that if I can taser 1st, I would. In fact you can always follow up with OC after taser if the situation warrants it (it wont), but not the other way around..something about combustion if an alcohal based OC was used...
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