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    Was at a meeting recently concerning change, how we do things, how we look at things, and how we need to embrace change in the security industry.

    A comment that was made made me think a bit outside of the about you?
    "65% of pre schoolers today will work in a job that has not been invented yet"
    Quote me as saying I was mis-quoted.
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    65% to me would be overstated. The different fields of work, I think, are already there (i.e. electronics, robotics, engineering, etc.). The precise objects that they work on may not be invented yet.


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      We are, according to futurists (the people who study the future for governments so that the government departments of labor know how to plan,) coming quickly to an era where corporations will have the means (and will) replace the majority of service professions with automation.

      Already, McDonald's has deployed test restaurants in a "few US cities" that food is cooked by robots, then served by humans. Customers pay at a kiosk. For now, there is a full human staff on hand, in case the machinery goes down, and so that humans feel more comfortable in being served by other humans.

      Eventually, the McDonald's location will have 3 employees. Kiosk Associate who helps those who haven't used it make purchases, Maintenance Associate to keep the food machines running, and Manager, because we all want a human to bitch to.

      Indeed, observe and report security is quickly being replaced by technology, for customers who can afford it. Remote Monitoring systems replace physical guards with a central-station manned, remote controlled, audio/video/sensor detection matrix. When something is detected, it can be remotely interrogated, the police or a contract security company dispatched to intercept it, or in the case of non-police emergencies, maintenance or medical or fire dispatched.

      Retail is also being slowly "revolutionized" with stand-alone self-checkout systems, as well as automated stocking systems.

      Implementation will be wider when the cost drops low enough and the mean time between maintenance cycles are long enough that companies can justify deploying through positive ROI.

      Anyone who doubts this is the "way of the future" should tour an automobile plant, or an electronics factory. Automation turned our manufacturing culture into a service culture. Automation will force the service culture of today into another revolution (like from manufacturing to service 50 years ago) tomorrow.
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